Some Incredible Tennis Doubles Strategies

Tennis doubles are far more complex in strategies as compared to the singles because of a court, there are more players, and the court size is also bigger in its measurements with shorter points. Still, a champion knows how to handle the double tennis game with tricks and strategies.

If you are also curious to know the tennis doubles strategy, read this complete article, which will hopefully help you become a better doubles tennis player.

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Tennis Doubles Strategies

Here are some basic tennis doubles strategies:

1- Take Over the Net Consistently

If you watch professional tennis tournaments, you will observe that the players in the doubles match took over the net and end the point near the net. It will assist you in gaining an extra edge in the game as it will exert pressure on the opposing players, and they will ultimately lose the game and give you a chance to secure as much score as you can.

2- Target the Feet of the Opponent

Although it is a difficult strategy, it will give you positive results in your next match if you know this trick because when you hit the ball at the opponent’s feet, then there are huge chances of missing the shot as it will be impossible for him to back the ball up over the net. For this, you can serve a soft volley shot that will land on the opponent’s feet.

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3- Hit the Middle of the Court

If you target the middle of the court, then your team will surely win the match because if your opponent team players are striking the shot on the same side like one player is left-handed. If the other is right-handed, they will be unable to hit the ball because their rackets strike with each other when you serve a volley in the middle.

4- Move Laterally at the Net

If you want to put pressure on the opponent team players, this strategy will work a lot when the opponents are about to hit the groundstroke, so move side to side at the net and let the opponents make errors.

5- Yell Aloud When its Your Turn

Mostly, the partners get confused during their turns. For this, you must first decide who will act as a server and who will be the returner in the match so that no ambiguity remains. Moreover, for enhanced clarity in the game, you must yell aloud that it is your turn so that there remain no chances of striking your rackets.

Final Thoughts

Suppose you want to play doubles tennis. In that case, you and your partner should remain physically and mentally active in court. You must have exerted pressure on the opponent with the difficult shots using the tennis doubles strategy. And remember, do not use a strategy continuously.
Frequently change it after some time; otherwise, the opponent players will become aware of your moves, and they will also start deceiving you. Last but not least, communication matters a lot when you are playing doubles, so interact well and win the game.

Tennis Doubles Strategies