Why is My Tennis Elbow Not Healing?

In tennis, players have to face a lot of injuries, especially joint injuries, and the most common among all the joint injuries are tennis elbow injuries. Most players claim that they heal quickly when they get injured on the court, and the most receiving complaint regarding injuries that take plenty of time to heal is the elbow injury. 

Commonly, the reason for this is the stress under which the elbow remains constantly. Read this article to get a detailed answer to this question why is my tennis elbow not healing

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What is Meant by Tennis Elbow and What is Its Cause?

When we look at the internal anatomy of the forearm, then we observe that a large number of muscles are connecting at a specific point near your elbow as these muscles are attached to a small area and under high stress. Due to intense gaming sessions, these muscles are overused, which is why they get inflamed. 

And here are some causes of the tennis elbow injury, including weight lifting, fencing, paddleball, squash, knitting, etc. If you are regularly involved in such activities, then you should not ask this question to anyone why is my tennis elbow not healing you know the reason very well. 

Self Observation to Notice Tennis Elbow Injury

If you want to know whether the pain is because of a tennis elbow injury or not, then you can observe it by yourself by noticing the tightness in the forearm muscles. And for more keen checking, you can observe the tenderness in the elbow, then treat the trigger points that help to remove the tension and stress, and then recheck the tenderness.

In case the tenderness in the muscles is reduced, it is a hurdle to healing the tennis elbow injury, and for this, the players are mostly confused about why their tennis elbow is not healing. 

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How Long Does it Take to Heal?

Healing of the tennis depends on the treatment as if you get proper treatment from a qualified doctor and work according to the doctor’s or the physiotherapist’s advice. You will see the results in just a few weeks, but if you let the tendon heal on its own, then it may take a year or two to work properly again. So if you want to recover the tennis elbow faster, you must rest at home and avoid hard tasks.

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Why does Tennis Elbow Take Time to Heal?

There are two major causes why the bone is not healing. One is that your doctor misdiagnoses you, so you must visit another good doctor who changes your medicine and diagnose you according to your tendon condition. The second reason for not healing the elbow is that you might have resumed your activities so give your elbow some time to recover completely.

Final Words

As the players get masters in playing tennis, they become more prone to soreness and a variety of injuries, especially the tennis elbow injury, also called lateral epicondylitis. If you are also facing this injury and want to recover it as soon as possible, you should keep the upper illustrated points in mind. Stay healthy!