Why You Should Play Tennis? Reasons You Must Know

Tennis is one of the most famous sports in Australia although it is popular among all the countries worldwide as well. The most interesting fact about tennis is that it can be played at all skill levels and all ages regardless of the sex of the player.

To play the tennis players hit the ball with the racket, and the opponent player on the other side of the net receives the ball and hit it back with his racket and in the case, if he misses the ball, then it will be a fault or foul and the other player will get a score.

This game is known because of the fun, but it also offers many benefits to the players, which is the answer to the most common question of why you should play tennis? Let’s move ahead without further ado to know what facts attract the players that are the main reasons to play tennis.

Reasons and Benefits to Play Tennis

When we discuss the benefits of tennis, we have to sum up all types of benefits or reasons that ultimately convince people to play tennis. The reasons include physical, psychological, health, and social.

Let’s discuss them one by one.

A- Physical Reasons

Why You Should Play Tennis

Improves Nutritional Habits

When players have to work out strenuously while playing tennis, they will automatically set their nutritional routine and habits so that they can remain fit and never lose their game due to nutrient deficiency.

Burn Calories

Tennis is involved in enhancing the heartbeat and aerobic fitness while playing and is ranked among the top 5 activities that help burn calories and hence help lose weight. So never forget to drink plenty of water while playing tennis.

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Anaerobic Fitness

Tennis improves the carrying capacity of the muscles for oxygen as it involves the body in intense bursts of activity.

Enhance Agility

Tennis is a mind and body game that enhances the agility and mobility of the body so that players can chase every ball from side to side and back and forth movements. Moreover, it helps the body change its position 5 times every 10 seconds. So, a person becomes active as a result.

Gross Motor Control

It helps make the muscles stronger, especially the large muscles of the legs and arms, and improves gross motor control with the help of ball striking skills.

Stress Reducer

As tennis includes all types of challenges and offers the player the strength to deal with them, it helps reduce stress through physical and mental activity, and the player feels relaxed and fresh.

Strong Heart and Bones

Tennis reduces the risks of cardiovascular diseases and strengthens the bones by reducing the cause of osteoporosis in older players.

Improves Balance

If you lose your balance while working and looking for a strenuous workout, then tennis could help you in this regard because it improves the balance through several kinds of movements that are the basic elements of this game.

Hand-Eye Coordination

When a player plays tennis, he should coordinate his hand with his eyes so that he can hit the ball with the racket accurately by recognizing the appropriate contact point and returning the serve more perfectly on the opponent’s side.

Flexibility in Muscles

Several striking and constant movements of the body and the muscles, while the player is working to return the ball to the other side of the net, helps in enhancing the flexibility of the muscles.

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Improves Immune System

You have noticed that athletes have a stronger immune system than other people who are not involved in any kind of physical activity. In the same way, tennis helps to increase immunity by its coordinating effects that ultimately improve the resistance to the disease.

B- Psychological Reasons

benefits of playing tennis essay

Boosts Mood

Tennis helps in elevating and boosting the players’ mood when they play this high mental game because it develops a powerful sense of community and introduces the players to better friends.

Enhance Social Skills

Tennis helps enhance social skills through interaction with people and communication with opponent players. So develops patience and more room in heart and mind for other people and it also teaches the people how they should work in a team.

Stress Recovery

It helps in stress recovery as the players, even after the shocks and losing the games, become ready to beat the players to win graciously; that only happens when they overcome their mental stress.

Teaches Sportsmanship

Tennis is a very fair game and also teaches the player to play reasonably and fairly with their opponents; hence, it promotes sportsmanship skills.

Develops Discipline and Manages Mistakes

Tennis gives a very powerful platform where you can discipline your mental and physical skills and recognize your mistakes and coordinate yourself to improve them in a better way.

Provides Fun

Tennis is a healthy mind game that provides fun to the players with feelings of enjoyment and healthy competition among the players.

C- Other Reasons to Play Tennis

Here are some more reasons explained below that illustrate why you should play tennis. Let’s scroll down your screen to explore them!

1- Minimizes Injury Risks

When we talk about contact sports, we should not neglect that these sports are a greater reason for getting injuries, but in the case of tennis, this fact is not like that as tennis reduces and even eliminates the chances of injuries.

2- Can be Played Anywhere

The preferable place to play tennis is the tennis court, but if you do not find any court nearby, you can play tennis on any ground or open area where you find comfort with family and friends.

3- Do not Require a Round-Up of a Team

In tennis, you do not need to play it in a team because it just requires a ball racket and a single partner to play with; even most of the courts have a backboard so that you can play against it.

4- It can be Played All Year Round

Tennis is not a season-specific game because you can play it all around the year, no matter whether it is snow, rain, or sun outside.

5- Best for Managing Anger

If you are stressed or annoyed due to some family issues or have scattered terms with your friends, then pick your ball and racket and straight go towards the court so that you can relieve your stress by smashing the ball against the wall or your opponent.

6- Inexpensive to Play

There is no doubt that tennis equipment like rackets and footwear is a little expensive if you want to purchase the branded one. Still, once you buy them, you can enjoy tennis unlimitedly within an affordable range because you do not need to manage other arrangements to play tennis.

7- Problem Solving and Brain Power

Tennis enhances the neural connections in the brain and helps the players, especially children, get stronger brainpower with more strategic decisions and problem-solving ability because tennis is based on geometrical angles.

8- Live Fit and Longer

Suppose a person is worried about obesity and wants to lose weight instantly. In that case, he should play tennis because playing tennis for one hour daily will help burn about 580 to 870 calories and improve health, ultimately leading to a longer life. According to the statistics, if you play tennis three hours a week, it reduces the death risk by about half.

9- Makes the Nature Responsible

Tennis makes your nature responsible, and that statement might be surprising to you. Still, amazingly it’s true because when you play tennis then you become extra responsible about your equipment and always check and make them accurate before every match and that is one of the strongest reasons why you should play tennis.

How to Start Playing Tennis?

Tennis is a very popular and fun game for several reasons that attract people from all over the world to the tennis courts to play it. It not only involves physical activity but also requires activeness of mind that collaboratively helps the player win the game. But the question that most players ask is how they can start if they do not find a partner.

In the case of tennis, the answer is very simple because the player easily practices the game by hitting the ball with a wall. So what could be more exciting than this?

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for something thrilling, social, and related to a good workout that can bring happiness to your life by extending your lifespan, then there will be no other match for tennis. This social and fun game gives you all the health benefits you are struggling for.

Besides teaching life lessons to the younger players, it welcomes the elder players to the tennis court to eradicate the loneliness they usually feel at home and explore this wonderful world’s colors.

This life-changing sport is for all skill levels and provides several reasons to play it whenever you feel restless, as it makes your mood happy by bringing wellness and health to your life. So what are you waiting for? Go and chase your dreams.