Head Hydrosorb Pro Review

Tennis is a game that needs some specific tools like rackets and tennis balls to proceed with the game, and they both should be durable in their quality and use so that they never spoil the fun of your game. But another very important element is the replacement racket grip to help players enjoy an adequate grip feel.

If you are also looking for a tennis grip that can give you more control over every tennis shot, then Head Hydrosorb Pro should be the preference because this amazing grip is a standard quality replacement grip that sets standards for the other grip manufacturing companies, and it also introduces the players with the new and the most comfortable grip ever by offering the best tennis gear in the market because of the highly experienced manufacturer of this grip.

Moreover, if you want to enjoy a superior feel in the game, especially when playing doubles, this grip will help you rule the tennis court as it provides more control, and you hit each ball more effectively. This incredible tennis replacement grip has a high-quality elastomer that provides a comfortable feel to the hand that enhances the grip. It does not allow the racket to slip from the hand because this marvelous grip has a sweat-absorbing capacity.

Furthermore, this phenomenon grip has a dual-channel system that ensures proper cushioning and airflow with extra tackiness and touch from the hand. That is why it lies under the category of moisture-wicking grip. And the most convincing fact about this replacement grip is that it does not require an overgrip and is very easy to install on your own.

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If you are interested in purchasing this amazingly perfect replacement grip to enjoy extra comfort and grip with extra control over the tennis strokes, then give a read to this informational review that will explain the features of Head Hydrosorb Pro.

Head Hydrosorb Pro Review – Best Moisture Wicking Replacement Grip

Top Pick
Head Hydrosorb Pro Review

Key Specifications

  • Elastomer
  • 0.000438 lbs
  • Unisex Adults
  • Control and Grip
  • Head USA
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Easy to Install

Head Hydrosorb Pro is the most anticipated and demanding replacement grip that revolutionizes the world of tennis sport by setting a standard for others. This incredible replacement grip stays tight during intense gaming sessions. It never feels like losing the racket’s handle because of its moisture-wicking nature, as it never makes the hand sweaty and loses its grip.

It assists the players in enjoying a superior feel with an especially designed elastomer material that enhances the control on every shot and feels like a comfortable cushion for your hands. This 0.000438 pound (0.007 ounces) weighted grip gives more precision to the game with an elastomer construction that makes it long-lasting and lightweight. So what could be more appealing than this!

Key Specifications

Weight0.000438 lbsMakerHead USA
Suggested UsersUnisex AdultsDiscountedNo
Playability Control and GripTypeMoisture Wicking
TackinessAvailableDual Channel SystemAvailable

Features in Detail

1- Moisture Wicking

Most skilled and beginner tennis players are worried about losing the racket grip. When they play intense gaming sessions or attend casual practice sessions, they get sweat in their hands, ultimately losing their grip. To overcome this issue, the Head Hydrosorb Pro will help you a lot because its moisture-absorbing replacement grip gives more precision when the player needs it the most and stays tight during the intense rallies.

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2- High-Quality Elastomer

The grip is not just a piece of cloth; it mainly ensures comfort to the hands of the player. If it is hard, it will be difficult for the player to grip it, and if it is soft, he would feel comfortable every time he plays with it. Head Hydrosorb Pro has a high-quality elastomer that ensures ultra comfort for the players because it gives an ultra-soft cushioned feel to the hands.

3- Enhanced Grip

Tennis is all about grip if you have a grip on your racket, no one can beat you in the game because you will never miss a single-serve and secure maximum scores. For this, the replacement grip of the tennis should be perfect, and Head Hydrosorb Pro offers the player an enhanced grip specially designed with the elastomer material and provides extra grip at every shot.

Head Hydrosorb Pro Review

4- Lightweight with Superior Feel

Some replacement grips are high in weight, which is why they increase the racket’s weight, which would become harder for the player to handle during the long gaming sessions, so a nice replacement grip should have low weight. Head Hydrosorb Pro has just 0.000438 pounds (0.007 ounces) that enhance the precision of the game, and if your racket handle is worn out, then this racket grip will help you enjoy a superior feel. You can surely make the partnership more amazing if you are playing in doubles.

5- No Overgrip Required

If you are using a Head Hydrosorb Pro, then with this amazing grip, you will never feel uncomfortable. Then no overgrip would be required because of its extra tacky elastomer surface.

6- Easy to Install

If you know the tips and tricks of installing a new grip over the handle, then you can easily install Head Hydrosorb Pro on your own without any external help; for this, you can watch YouTube tutorials. Moreover, it is an affordable tennis grip, and it comes as it is shown.


  • Affordable 
  • Elastomer construction 
  • Superior feel 
  • Do not require overgrip 
  • Easy installation


  • Grips are not sticky


Head Hydrosorb Pro is an elastomer composed replacement racket grip that ensures enhanced grip and control. This well-cushioned grip helps to enjoy a superior feel along with ultra-comfort even if you have joint pain. Buy this affordable replacement grip now and enjoy the real essence of tennis.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

My previous replacement grip was not sticky, and I found difficulty playing with that. Is Head Hydrosorb Pro suitable for me?

Hey, Unfortunately not, this replacement grip is also not much sticky. 

I am naturally suffering from sweat; what could be the possible solution while playing tennis?

Head Hydrosorb Pro is the ultimate solution because of its moisture-wicking elastomer material.

My age is 64, and I have arthritic thumbs; which grip will suit me?

Head Hydrosorb Pro is a well-cushioned grip and would be the most comfortable solution.