Head Synthetic Gut PPS Review

You know tennis is one of the leading sports in this world and with every passing day, the trend is promoting, but the awareness to play the game with the best equipment is also trending. The most important among all is the tennis string that mainly decides the level of the game. 

Head Synthetic Gut PPS should be your priority if you are also looking for a tennis string that can upgrade your level and help you explore the new and more adventurous tennis experience!

This multifilament solid string ensures high durability because multifilament is more demanding than monofilaments. After all, it gives more strength and helps the player hit the ball with full force and topspin. This string is an amazing blend of power, control, and comfort for players who play tennis frequently because the player never gets cramps after the smooth shots. It is quite similar to the solid nylon core, but the most prominent difference is the PowerStrip Technology. 

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This tennis string’s incredibly solid inner core is wrapped with a unique polyamide wrapping and has more speed and enhanced strength for the club players than the Master string. If you own a Head racquet, then Head Synthetic Gut PPS would be the best and most reliable partner of the racquet that will surely take your game to the peak.

This string introduces players to the modernization of tennis sports because it is designed on the standards of novelty with a manufacturer’s warranty for a limited period.

If you are curious to know more about this marvelous string or any queries regarding its features, read this whole review that will elaborate on every aspect of Head Synthetic Gut PPS to clarify your mind. Let’s move ahead without further ado!

Head Synthetic Gut PPS – Best Overall Tennis String

Multifilament Tennis Racket String

Head Synthetic Gut PPS Review
  • 16 g tennis string

Head Synthetic Gut PPS is a versatile and smooth tennis string that gives exceptional strength and high resiliency. It is ultra-durable because of the inner solid nylon core, and it is wrapped with thicker multifilament; this multifilament coating ensures its durability and reliability because it does not allow the string to break even if you are playing with a heavy ball, and no doubt it is the best partner of an oversized racquet. 

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It gives power, speed, and control and has a 16 gauge style and size that depicts its worth because it also makes it resistant to breakage. This adult unisex black colored and 0.04 lbs weighted string has a 1-year manufacturer warranty that increases its value in customers’ eyes. So what could be better than this!

Gauge Style16 GMaterialNylon
Gauge Size16 GSpecialtyPowerstrip Technology
ColourBlackDimensions6 × 0.5 × 7 Inches
Suggested UsersUnisex AdultsWarranty1 year
Product Weight0.04 lbsSport TypeTennis

Features in Detail 

  1. Composition 

This solid tennis string meets the speed of the club players very efficiently and will always encourage them to play unlimitedly by unlocking their athletic potential. Head Synthetic Gut PPS is a 16 g tennis string with solid nylon construction and a thick multifilament wrapping, which means that you will never complain that the string broke after a few games. 

  1. Head Performance 

Head Synthetic Gut PPS is a unique type of tennis string that introduces the players to the new heights and trends of the tennis sport as it gives more bounce to the ball every time it hits the racquet strings and gives the player avail additional chances of winning the game. It assists the player in ruling the court as it offers the best tennis gear available in the market. 

  1. Powerstrip Technology 

The most unique and significant feature that distinguishes this tennis string from the others is the Powerstrip Technology which depicts its uniqueness. Around the solid inner core, a multifilament polyamide wrapping is present that provides more speed with enhanced strength and anti-breakage quality.

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  1. Intermediate Level 

Synthetic Gut is not only for the club players, but it also welcomes the players of all skill types, especially those who belong to the intermediate level, as it is a nice blend of power, comfort, and control.

  1. A Unique Pairing 

This tennis string has a 16 G gauge style and size with 0.04 lbs weight which is why it supports the player with the highly efficient performance and an oversized racquet up to 60 lbs with a better response. Never hesitate to play tennis as it never disappoints you, no matter what racquet you are using.


  • Powerstrip technology 
  • 16 G gauge style and size 
  • Has a good value for money 
  • Solid nylon construction 
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • String does not wear well
  • Customers claim about its durability

Final Words 

Tennis is the most famous sport among all and is popular in Australia and has equal fame all over the globe. This affordable tennis string has a solid inner core with nylon construction and multifilament wrapping that ensures its strength and durability. The players can play unhesitatingly by unlocking their athletic power.

The powerstrip technology of this tennis string makes it more unique among all the tennis strings. This solid tennis string has a 16 gauge style and size, representing its thickness and resistance against routine wear and tear. So what are you waiting for? Go and hit the court with Head Synthetic Gut PPS tennis string!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I am looking for an intermediate-level affordable tennis string; what should I prefer?

Hey, you must go through the customer reviews of Head Synthetic Gut PPS because you will surely get the direction as it is affordable and is designed for intermediate to club level players.

What Synthetic Gut PPS is made of?

Like the other synthetic tennis string, it is also made of nylon with multifilament wrapping that ensures its high strength. 

I am a beginner and want to do arm-friendly tennis practice. What string should I buy?

Hello, according to my opinion Head Synthetic Gut PPS would be the best beginner tennis string because it is a nice blend of comfort, control, and power. 

Is Head Synthetic Gut PPS made in the USA?

Yes. The Head Synthetic Gut PPS is made in the USA.

How does Head Synthetic Gut PPS compare to other synthetic guts?

Head Synthetic Gut PPS is a perfect alternative for players who are looking for a nice balance between control and power. Head Synthetic Gut PPS is a perfect alternative for players who are looking for a nice balance between control and power.