Head Tour XT Tennis Balls Review

Every piece of equipment matters in sports whether you play casually or professionally. The ball is the fundamental element in tennis and without using a quality ball, you cannot enjoy the game. The best tennis ball provides classic throw, moderate jumps, and high visibility but finding such tennis balls is hard. A quality tennis ball not only enhances fun but also helps you to polish your skills.

If you are searching for the best tennis ball then you are in the right place. Because here I am going to tell you about a top-quality product, the Head Tour XT tennis ball. This ball is made for both training and professional purposes but you can also use it for casual games. Anyhow, this tennis ball will change your whole life’s sports experience. Let’s start a discussion about the item without wasting time.

Head Tour XT Tennis Balls 2023

Head Tour XT Tennis Balls Reviews

head tour xt tennis balls review


  • Premier quality fabric with rubber
  • High visibility
  • ITF approved
  • Made for hard and clay courts

Tour XT is a product by the Head for advanced and intermediate players. The smooth skin of the ball provides a cool and calm experience when you hold it. It is made of a high-quality premier fabric, meaning the ball can face all harsh environments. It provides an ear-satisfying sound when you hit the ball with a racket is exceptional. Anyhow, this ball is made to break all previous records, so go and buy it before someone takes your position.

This is a versatile ball that you can play on different surfaces. The ball is made to jump on clay or soft surfaces. You can also use Tour XT on the grass and on hard surfaces such as concrete. So, if you are a fan of clay courts or sometimes also play on hard courts then this ball is made for you. Sometimes people complain that tennis balls do not provide the same results on different surfaces. Such unreliable tennis balls are made of local quality rubber and when you throw the ball on different surfaces it loses the vacuum.

On the other hand, this ball is highly reliable meaning you can use it on multiple surfaces but it will not lose the vacuum. The ball has not a single tiny hole for expiring the vacuum. Whether you play tennis on the clay or hard court, this Head Tour XT will provide you with the same results.

What Did Head Try To Improve From The Previous Tour Balls?

The previous ball was also designed by experts to develop a highly reliable product. But there were little problems in the previous version, first, it was a little bit slow, and second, it was unable to bear extremely high or low temperatures. As you know that Head never disappoints its customers, so it has developed a new ball and fixed all those minor problems.

Most tennis enthusiasts are from Canada and the USA. People in the US were satisfied with the previous version but Canadians often report temperature problems. To solve the problem Head made the fabric more robust so it can face harsh environments.

Tour XT is the only tennis ball in the world that not only provides a professional game but also considers all the other factors like temperature, visibility, vacuum, the skin of the ball, and reliability.

Indoor And Outdoor Games

As I have mentioned before, the Tour XT is the most reliable product among all the tennis balls ever made. But the question arises, is this ball good for an indoor court or can you play outdoors? The indoor courts are flat with no cracks and smooth surfaces allow the ball to move independently. Outdoor courts are not paved, hard surfaces and high dirt, and moisture changes the performance of the ball.

Indoor courts are not tough, you can play for hours but when it comes to outdoor courts, most of the tennis ball brands sell a nondurable product. Tour XT is different from all other local quality balls, it is made for indoor smooth or paved surfaces and also allows you to play outdoor tournaments.

Why Use Tour XT?

There is a list of reasons but the major one is its durability and exceptional features. Extra lightweight or heavyweight balls seem fascinating but never provide satisfying performance. This ball has a moderate weight of 56 to 59 grams, meaning now you can play the game without facing any obstacles. Head used new technology in the formation of this ball, Smart Optik. In simple words, this ball is 19 percent more visible as compared to the other balls.

There are countless features such as the shape or amount of vacuum but you must not have this much time to discuss them all. Anyhow, if you are skeptical about the durability of Tour XT then you should know that the ITF (International Tennis Federation) is watching over and has approved the quality of Tour XT. The ball is tested and used by so many professionals such as Johannes Ager.


What tennis balls do they use on tour?

For the ATP tours, they use Dunlop balls. Dunlop balls are also the most reliable, provide the best visibility, and are made for professional advanced players.

How often should I change tennis balls?

If you are playing on a recreational level then change the ball after 2 to 4 weeks. A quality ball has 4 weeks of service life but for the practice, you must change the ball after every 2 days depending on the practice duration.

Why do tennis balls lose their bounce?

Tennis balls contain air or a vacuum for pressure and bounce. After using the ball for 2 to 4 weeks the air seeps out and reduces the pressure inside. As a result, tennis balls lose their bounce.


If you want to feel something different then bring Tour XT because it has more potential than your imagination. The ball is made for professional players but is also used by intermediates. Head launched this ball to fix all the problems of the previous version such as visibility and high-temperature tolerance. This ball has 7 to 9 months of service life. Yes, it is more than enough so why you don’t bring a quality product and change your tennis experience?