Wilson Championship Tennis Balls Review- Buyer’s Guide

The Wilson Championship Tennis Ball is among the most popular tennis balls on the market for good reason. These are high-class tennis balls that offer tons of superiority over other balls making them worth buying. Given the fact of how durable and performance-oriented these balls really are, we were pretty surprised to know that not many country clubs and professional tennis sports players use these balls in their games.

So, in this article, we are going to talk about all the reasons why the Wilson Championship Tennis Ball is worth buying. What are all its major benefits? Where does this ball lack and whether you should buy it for yourself or not?

Wilson Championship Tennis Balls Review

Wilson Championship Tennis Balls
  • USTA and ITF Approved
  • Wilson is the Official Ball of the US
  • Ideal ball for all levels of tournament
  • ‎Extra Duty
  • ‎0.23 Kilograms
  • Great for Beginners and Playing Fetch with Dogs.

You won’t believe how consistently we have used the Wilson Championship Ball in the last few years. But it wasn’t until now that we realized the full potential of this baby. We decided to come up with a few playtest sessions of this ball and figure out what the ball is really made of.

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We came up with a whole schedule of rigorous tests where we played with the Championship Tennis Ball and saw how well it performed off and on the court.

Before we move ahead with the features, you should know that Wilson is one of the most popular brands of sports equipment in the market. They have a wide range of products to choose from. This gives us the ability to choose a product fulfilling all our requirements.

When it comes to buying sports equipment, Wilson has never disappointed us. In terms of quality and functionality, their products are topnotch which is one of the reasons why we always choose this brand over all else.

Their prices are also pretty moderate and they do have tons of products to offer so anyone can get anything within their budget.

We have mentioned four major aspects of the Wilson Championship Tennis Ball below. You can take a look at all these aspects and decide for yourself if this ball caters to your needs or not.

Wilson Championship Tennis Balls Review


The selling point of buying the Wilson Championship Tennis Ball is its spin. It takes loads of power from the tennis racket and creates a thunderous spin that allows you to infuse maximum efficiency of your body into your serve.

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If we had to rate the spin of this ball, then we would give it a 7 out of 10. This is only because the ball lost its core by the time we closed off the game. But in the beginning, playing with the Wilson Championship Tennis Ball felt like our game was on fire.


Control is another aspect that every tennis player must consider when buying a tennis ball. The Wilson Championship Tennis Ball offered a great level of control without compromising on its power and strength.

Wilson Championship Tennis Balls

This is one of the reasons why we recommend this ball for beginners. if you’re just starting out in tennis then you might not know how to handle your ball or have complete control over your serve.

So, buying the Wilson Championship Tennis Ball would be an ideal choice for beginner-level players. They will be able to have more idea of what is going on in the court and what plan of attack are they going to need.


The Wilson Championship Tennis Ball felt very soft to the touch. It bounced really well and also felt quite lightweight to hold. Some tennis balls out there do feel harsher to the touch but this one doesn’t so you won’t be disappointed with that aspect of the tennis ball.


Now, as far as durability goes, the Wilson Championship Tennis Ball tops all other models on the market. it has to be the most durable tennis ball we have seen on the market. the top-notch construction and lightweight properties do pay off in this regard.

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Moreover. No matter how hard you play, the ball has splendid tear resistance qualities that it gets through all sorts of playing styles that come it’s way. We were also thrilled to find out that Wilson Championship Tennis Ball is also weather resistant so you can play with it in rain or any other harsh weather condition.

Wilson Championship Tennis Balls Review

Also, another thing that we need to keep in mind is the kind of surface you’re playing at with a Wilson Championship Tennis Ball. On courts like acrylic and savannah, the ball won’t wear down as quickly as it did on the tarmac. So, yes, the playing surface also plays a huge part in its durability.


  • Excellent construction quality
  • Feels lightweight
  • Soft to the touch
  • Splendid durability


  • Spin quality isn’t that great

Final Verdict:

All in all, the Wilson Championship Tennis Ball is definitely one of the best tennis balls on the market and deserves pretty much all it has gotten. The price of this ball is also moderate so you will not have to think twice about it when making the purchase. The overall quality and performance of the ball are top-rated so there is no comparison with other lower-priced tennis balls. The Wilson Championship Tennis Ball definitely beats them all. 

However, you should know that we only speak for ourselves. We genuinely think the feel of this ball, the construction, quality, and response are top-notch. The only we you can know for sure if the Wilson Championship Tennis Ball is worth buying is when you play with it yourself.

If you plan on placing a bulk order, we would recommend that you physically test out the ball first and then place an order. This way, you will be sure of what you’re signing up for and not make a mistake in the process.

If you have played with the Wilson Championship Tennis Ball yourself, don’t forget to leave us with your feedback below. We highly appreciate it.


Are these tennis balls approved by the US Tennis Association?

Yes, our Wilson Championship Tennis Balls are approved by the US Tennis Association. The USTA approves the quality, durability, and performance of products for use in all professional tennis tournaments. All companies that manufacture, import, or market their own tennis gear must apply for approval before they may offer their product to players.

If a tennis ball has been affected by the heat, is it still legal?

The testing laboratory says that a tennis ball is two degrees hotter than normal when it has been subjected to heat, which makes it almost the same as one that has not been affected by the heat. The ball is still legal.

What are the different levels of Wilson Championship Tennis Balls?

The levels of Wilson Championship Tennis Balls are Prime, Standard, and Intermediate. The Prime level is the highest grade available that uses premium natural gut for a more lively feel.