Penn Championship Tennis Balls Review

Tennis is a famous sport worldwide, especially in Australia, and this game revolves around the quality of its equipment. The main two pieces of equipment for tennis are a racket and a ball. Just like the racket that must-have durability and high-quality string, the tennis ball should also be durable and have all basic features that can upgrade the level of your game. 

If you are looking for heavy-duty tennis balls, then Penn Championship Tennis Balls can give you all you want to enjoy a twist in your game. This tennis ball sets standards for all other tennis ball manufacturing companies because America’s number one selling tennis ball.

The reason is its high-quality features that are unbeatable and matchless. This amazing tennis string helps you to enjoy and feel an extra bounce every time it strikes with your racket strings. 

This marvelous tennis ball has controlled fiber release for a consistent nap. The United States Tennis Association and the International Tennis Federation approved it so that you can use it unhesitatingly in tours and official tennis tournaments.

This yellow-colored light-weighted tennis ball has the heart of many players because it has an extra heavy-duty felt, regular duty, and high altitude heavy-duty felt, which is an exceptional case in the case of tennis balls. 

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This amazing tennis ball with a soft rubber composition will give you a quality game every time you step into a court. This Chinese-origin tennis ball has a strong smell if you are fond of playing tennis with your pet, but surely it is the most durable among all; even if your dog chews it, it will retain its shape. 

So if you are interested in purchasing this amazingly perfect extra heavy-duty number one selling tennis ball, then give a read to this review to explore all features of Penn Championship Tennis Balls!

Penn Championship Tennis Balls – (America’s #1 Tennis Ball)

Penn Championship Tennis Balls

Penn Championship Tennis Balls Review
  • Pack of 2 cans (total of 6 balls)
  • Rubber
  • Yellow
  • Wool Fiber For Longer Wear
  • USTA League Tennis
  • Imported

According to the can’s label Penn Champion Tennis Balls is America’s number one best-selling rubber-made tennis balls. The three tennis balls come in a can to maintain the pressure level and make them durable and extra heavy duty.

No doubt you can not compare its quality with the US open ball, which is one of the best tennis balls, but still, it meets all the needs that are the basics of a tennis tournament to give players an adventurous ride.

You can get two types of balls one is an extra heavy-duty, which is made for the hard court, and the other is the regular duty ball made for the soft court surfaces like grassy grounds. This yellow-colored rubber tennis ball has 0.9 lbs weight but has an uneven bounce. Buy this incredible quality interlocking wool fiber tennis ball now!

Key Specifications

Weight0.9 lbsMaterialRubber
ColourYellowDimensions6×3×8.8 inches
Suggested UsersAdultsSport TypeTennis
OriginChinaLogoPenn 1
Size6 PackSizeStandard

Features in Detail

1- Two Types

Tennis balls are designed according to the requirements of the game and the court, so if you are playing on smooth ground, then a regular duty tennis ball will work perfectly, but if you are playing on a hard court or in a tennis club to join an official tennis tournament than a heavy-duty ball must be used. In the case of Penn Championship Tennis Balls, you will find both types of balls so that you can play according to your choice.

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2- Interlocking Wool Fibres

The interlocking wool fibers of the Penn Championship Tennis Balls make them more durable and long-lasting that even if you are practicing tennis on your home ground with your pet like a dog, it would never damage its shape. However, the chemical smell of the balls may become dangerous for your pet.

3- ITF and USTA Approved

This incredible ball is specially designed for official use because it is United States Tennis Association and International Tennis Federation approved, so never hesitate to use it during a tournament. You will surely enjoy its upgrade quality and durability.

Penn Championship Tennis Balls

4- Weight and Material

The most important elements of a tennis ball are weight and material, which it is composed because you can never gain the actual pace of the game without their quality. This tennis ball has an ideal weight of 0.9 lbs with attractive yellow color, which is easy to see for the players from a distance and has a composition of rubber that makes it soft and bouncy.

5- Durability

Penn Championship Tennis Balls are durable in use that even your dog can chew them, but they never lose their shape; one significant fact is that these balls can not last long once they are taken out from the can as they start losing their pressure.


  • Interlocking wool fibers 
  • Rubber composition 
  • Yellow visible color 
  • Great Value 
  • Available in regular and extra heavy duty


  • It cannot last longer 
  • Uneven bounce

Final Words

Penn Championship Tennis Balls are the most anticipated and demanding tennis balls because America’s number one selling tennis brand. It is an official ball of the USTA leagues, and these are USTA and ITF approved.

This rubber tennis ball is very convenient to see from a distance on a court because it has a yellow color with interlocking wool fiber, making it more durable. It has controlled fiber release for a consistent nap and natural rubber for constant feel and shock reduction. It has less uneven bounce, and it is one of the downsides of this tennis ball. You can get three balls in a single pressurized can. Buy and hit the court!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Big Penn Championship Tennis Balls are in size?

These tennis balls are standard in their size.

How can we recognize the original Penn Championship Tennis Balls?

The original Penn Championship Tennis Balls have a Penn 1 on them, so they are easy to recognize.

I am looking for an extra bounce tennis ball. Does this ball suitable for me?

Unfortunately, this tennis ball has uneven bounce because they have almost the same or less bounce as the old tennis balls.