Babolat Pure Aero Vs. Tour Racquet Review

When it comes to ruling on the court, picking the most suitable racket becomes crucial. But if you have masterpieces on your radar like Babolat Pure Aero and Tour, it is daunting to pick up one. Both contenders have idiosyncratic characteristics and each provides distinct dimensions of tennis gaming. Anyhow, the properties of a tennis bat determine a player’s gaming style on the court, therefore, choosing one can deliver extraordinarily different techniques.

Babolat Pure Aero is famous because of its FSI spin technology and wind-cheating frame. On the other hand, the Tour model is known for its smaller head, high stability, and accuracy. For sure, one is better than the other but testing each one of them may take 4 to 6 months. That’s why asking someone who has played with both of them is a wise decision. So, in this guide I will tell you about my experience regarding them, let’s kick-off!

Babolat Pure Aero Vs. Tour

Comparing two tennis objects is not an easy task, you need to focus on tiny features such as the length of the grip, the thickness of strings, or the shape of the frame. You must have expertise in the field to understand the differences and especially the aerodynamics. Plus, you should not be judgemental while examining the rackets.

However, I have been using both Babolat Pure Aero and Tour for years. To rephrase more accurately, I started my career as a tennis player with these two tennis bats. I will lead you on which is the better and why you should leave one and pick up another. Separate 10 minutes from your busy routine and let’s get started!

Why I Order And Why I Decided To Buy?

Sometimes, we start playing tennis with just a random racket for the sake of pleasure. But as the interest grows in the game, we search for the best one. The same has happened to me. I started playing tennis with a local quality and inexpensive tennis racket but the game was amusing.

Later, I joined a club where I used to meet professional players, coaches of different clubs, and experts. It was hard to compete on the courts of the club because the players on that court were more efficient and faster than me. It compelled me to find the mistakes I often commit on the court. After focusing and asking the experts, I understood that I am using the wrong racket.

My coach advised me to use Babolat Pure Aero but another expert recommended using the Tour model. I was in a state of confusion, unable to find which one is more suitable for my sports self. Therefore, I ordered both of them and decided to test each one for a few months. I started with the previous model the Pure Aero and then examined the Tour. At first, it was hard to find the difference but with the passage of time, I realized what they made for me.

I had a real problem controlling and spinning the ball. Plus, sometimes I could not hit the ball on target and was unable to maneuver. Keeping these problems in mind, I ordered these two tennis rackets. To be honest, they have helped to improve my performance and learn the tricks to fool the opponent.

What do We expect When I Receive The Delivery?

The delivery was on time and the package was completely secured, there were no damage marks on the box. I received two boxes, each about 25 to 30 inches long. Well, I was delighted to see the package and started unboxing the objects in excitement. The tennis rackets were wrapped in plastic covers and securely placed in the box.

I took the rackets out of the plastic cover and felt a rigid frame of Pure Aero. the strings were tight enough, there was an option to loosen the strings. Plus, the grip was too comfy, frankly, I have never seen such a smooth grip ever in my life. Then I opened the box of Aero Tour and it was also an amusing experience. I did not expect the small frame and the sturdy shaft, but the objects were far better than my expectations.

You require time to inspect a sports object, therefore, I took them on various kinds of courts, indoors and outdoors. I was expecting something attractive and lightweight and I received one of the best tennis bats of this century. The delivery met my exact expectations, or better to say, I got more than I expected.

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What Are My Reviews After Using The Products?

I have been using these rackets for years and found so many differences. Some people claim that it depends upon your potential and how you react on the court, not the racket determines the fate of your game. It is partially true, first, your skills matter, the way you respond to the bounces, the way you spin, and your techniques. But if you are using the right racket, you can perform all these tasks smoothly.

The earliest difference I discovered is that the Aero Tour provided the more smooth hits as compared to my previous rackets. But when it comes to comparing the performance of Aero Tour and Pure Aero, the latter has a bigger and wider head. In the beginning, I suffered from the problem of approaching the ball, I could not reach the ball. But the Pure Aero eliminated this problem as it has about a 16×19 string pattern.

The head size of the racket is about 100 square inches which helped me to effortlessly hit the ball in case it is distant. The second problem I faced is that the Aero Tour was great but it was not efficient to stand against resistance. On the other hand, Pure Aero has Babolate’s Aero Modular 2 technology to counter the resistance. Believe me, it assisted to reduce the resistance and provided more power and speed.

In terms of stability and control, I will vote for the Aero Tour as it has dense strings and is a bit heavier than the Pure Aero. This racket is about 11.8 ounces and the Pure Aero is 11.2 ounces. A slight difference in weight provides more stable shots with high accuracy. On the other hand, the Pure Aero version has FSI technology and its aerodynamic frame allows more spin. I witness that the topspin Pure Aero provides is impossible for the Aero Tour.

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

I will recommend you purchase the Pure Aero if you want more spinning, powerful shots, and fast deliveries. The racket is lighter than its competitor and has a wider head. I am suggesting the Pure Aero because the object is better than the other one in terms of spin and tricky shots.

Whereas, the Aero Tour is good for people who are searching for a stable racket. It has denser strings and the pattern is about 18×20, you can effortlessly play the game without missing any shot. The object is a bit heavier and the small head does not provide more range but the sturdy shaft and head design provide more accurate deliveries. For me, the Pure Aero is the winner but if you want a racket for enhancing control, choose the Aero Tour.


What is the difference between Pure Aero and Pure Aero VS?

The latter one is slightly heavy and has HL balance so you can fearlessly control the racket. In contrast, the Pure Aero version is used for more power and fast shots.

Who is Babolat Pure Aero good for?

Pure Aero is a premium-grade tennis racket and is difficult to handle in case a beginner uses it. The object is perfect for advanced and intermediate tennis enthusiasts.


It is disconcerting to label one as the best and the other as better. But as far as the concern is to smash the court, you need a powerful, fast, lightweight, high-range, and easy-to-manage racket. And the only one which can fill the blank spot is the Babolat Pure Aero. Anyway, I have discussed my experience regarding the performance of these rackets. I hope you find this guide helpful.