Wilson Clash 100 VS Babolat Pure Strike

Are you having difficulty hitting the ball accurately? Well, it might be because of the weight and stiffness of your racquet. Great all-around racquets that are highly well-liked among recreational players include the Wilson Clash 100 vs Babolat Pure strike.

The racquet’s weight is crucial, it determines how much force you need to hit the ball. If a racquet is weighed, you need more force to make contact with the ball. If you find it challenging to generate enough force, your shots will not be accurate.

Wilson Clash 100 VS Babolat Pure Strike

The stiffness of a racquet affects how well it swings through the air and makes contact with the ball. A hard racquet will turn faster than a flexible one, it is essential to find one that is comfortable for you.

The last few years have seen the development of Wilson Clash 100. It boasts some outstanding specifications and is constructed from top-notch materials. Babolat Pure Strike is renowned for both its performance and longevity. I’ll discuss the top racquet in this article that will make a clear difference in Wilson clash 100 vs Babolat pure strike.

Babolat Pure StrikeFeaturesWilson Clash 100
1OOinHead Size1OOin
318g (11.20z)Strung Weight312g (ll. oz)
300g (10.60z)Unstrung Weight295g (10.40z)
4pts HLBalance7 pts HL
7pts HLUnstrung10 pts HL
23mm 126mm 123mmBeam Width24.5mm
BlueRacket ColoursBlack, Grey
16 Mains 19 CrossesString Pattern16 Mains 19 Crosses
22-27kg 1 50-591bsString Tension Range21-26kg 148-581bs

Wilson Clash 100 Reviews

The Wilson Clash 100 is a racquet designed for the competitive player. 100-square-inch head size and a large sweet spot, make it great for shooting off the ground and volleys. The racquet is also lightweight, which makes it easy to swing and control. It also comes with an over-grip and a cover, so you can protect your racquet when you’re not using it.

Power and control

John McEnroe is one of the most successful and famous tennis players in history. He has an illustrious career on the court, winning 7 Grand Slam singles titles and 4 Grand Slam doubles titles. In 1984, he became the first player to win Wimbledon and the U.S. Open in the same year. In a recent article for The Telegraph, McEnroe praised Wilson’s latest racket release, the Clash 100.

According to McEnroe, this racket is perfect for intermediate to advanced players looking for more power and control. He says that it provides excellent feedback and feels good in your hand. The Clash 100 also has a cover to protect it when you’re not using it.

Oversize head

The racquet also has an oversized head that gives you the power and a prominent sweet spot. It is designed with the stiffness of the frame in mind. This racquet gives players the power to control their shots. It’s 100% graphite material is perfect for intermediate and advanced players.

Stiff Frame

The stiffness of a racquet frame is an essential factor to consider when purchasing a new racquet. A stiff frame will provide power with less vibration, while a flexible frame will provide control. This makes it an ideal racquet for players looking for more power in their shots. A stiff frame lasts longer than a flexible one. A flexible frame will lose its shape, while a stiff frame will maintain its form longer.


  • Doesn’t Bend when the ball hits
  • More energy and stable
  • Consistent Shots
  • Last Longer
  • Improve your game
  • Great Balance 
  • Vibration- Damping


  • No Considerable cons

Babolat Pure Strike Reviews

The Babolat Pure Strike is designed for intermediate and advanced players. It has a weight of 10.8 ounces, which gives it more power than the company’s other racquets. The racquet is also longer and wider, giving you more reach and control.

Cortex dampening system

The cortex-dampening system is a feature in Babolat’s Pure Strike line of racquets. This system is designed to help reduce vibrations, improving comfort and stability. The Babolat Pure Strike is one of the most popular racquets on the market. Professionals and avid tennis players alike praise its capabilities and features. The racquet has a large sweet spot, making it easier to hit balls in the correct spot, increasing accuracy. 

Fast swing

Its lightweight allows for faster swings and more power behind shots. The Pure Strike is equipped with Babolat’s patented technology, which gives players control over their swings.

Stiff Frame

The Pure Strike racquets also have a stiffer frame that helps to produce power. These features make the Pure Strike line ideal for players who want a racquet that is comfortable and powerful. This stiff frame makes it great for hitting powerful shots, which is perfect for advanced players. The racquet also feels solid in your hand, giving you a lot of control over your swings. Overall, it is an excellent choice for a high-quality tennis racquet.


  • Well-Balanced
  • Great Control and Feel
  • Easy to Manoeuvre
  • Easy to Swing
  • Open String Pattern with Spin


  • Quite Expensive


What is the Babolat Pure Drive Good For?

It is excellent for singles players and people who hit a lot of groundstrokes from the baseline. The standard length is 27 inches with a balance point of 330 mm, making it easy to swing.

Is Wilson clash good for a spin?

The Clash made it easy to generate plenty of swing speed, giving you reasonable power and spin access. The overall feel of the racquet isn’t quite right for me, but on the service, that didn’t matter much. I found some excellent performances.

Does Wilson outperform Babolat?

Wilson racquets are best adapted to energetic players who prefer to attack the net. Whilst Babolat racquets are more oriented towards baseliners who adore ripping hard groundstrokes.


Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Clash 100 are both great racquets. They are both designed for advanced players but can also be used by beginners. It is ultimately up to the player to decide which racquet suits them best.

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