Does Badminton Increase Height?

Perhaps you’re looking for a sport that will assist you or your child gain height. Does tennis make you taller? Tennis is still regarded as a sport that can help you grow taller. Tennis does not make you grow taller. Your height is determined by your inheritance and diet. A person’s genes will determine his or her maximal height potential.

Environmental and nutritional factors will decide whether or not a person reaches their full height potential. Tennis has not been shown to affect a person’s height. This is a superstition that survived despite the lack of scientific facts or proof to back it up. While genetics has the greatest influence on height, environmental variables can also play a role.

We’ll speak about how this misconception got started and what environmental elements you can influence.

Why Tennis Players are so tall?

Tennis is a popular sport that has been played for decades. Beginners and professionals alike have liked it. Even while it is not as famous as other major sports such as football, it nevertheless has millions of committed and passionate supporters. Everyone who has ever watched tennis has wondered why the players are so tall.

How tall Tennis Players are?

A male tennis player’s average height ranges from 6’1 to 6’3 feet. This is the height of most of the best tennis players currently. There are, however, several players who are taller than 6’1-6’3.

Roger Federer: 6’1 (188cm)

Rafael Nadal: 6’1 (183cm)

Novak Djokovic: 6’2 (185cm)

John Isner: 6’10 (2.08cm)

Reilly Opelka: 6’11 (2.11cm)

Alexander Zverev: 6’6 (1.96cm)

Stefanos Tsitsipas: 6’4 (190cm)

This isn’t just the case with male gamers. We have a lot of fans in women’s tennis. Venus Williams is 6’1, her sister Serena Williams is 5’9, Maria Sharapova is 6’2, and Akgul Amanmuradova is a massive 6’3. When facing weaker opposition, these guys all have height, weight, and strength on their side.

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Serena Williams has demonstrated that even more athletically built ladies can play this sport and walk around with ease. She is a major contender and the most well-known female tennis player. This is just one example of how tennis is evolving into a powerful sport that requires players to work hard, train hard, and give it their all every time they step onto the court.

Do You Have to be tall to Play Tennis?

When it concerns player height, tennis is much more diversified. The Argentine Diego Schwartzman, who stands at 5’7″, is the shortest player in the ATP top 20. Russian Daniil Medvedev and German Alexander Zverev are the two tallest players at 6’6″. The experience is similar to the women’s game. 6’1′ Czech Karolina Pliskova is the tallest player in the WTA top 20.

Can Playing Badminton Increase Your Height?

Being tall has numerous advantages. The first thing to mention is that being taller equates to having greater weight, which implies more strength. As a taller player, you will have an advantage over your shorter competitor; yet, a shorter competitor will normally excel in a variety of areas.


When it comes to serving, a taller player has a significant edge. Because their arms are longer than those of a shorter competitor, they can smash the ball at an angle that causes the bounce to be higher on the opponent’s side when serving. This makes it difficult for the opponent who is shorter to reach the ball unless they need to. A shorter player will not be able to match the strength and pace of the serve. Shorter players lack the height and angle over the net that taller players possess.


Being taller also gives you more reach. When making a play for the ball, the long arms come in handy once again. These players may reach out longer and do not have to try extra hard as a shorter player. This means that you won’t have to run as much as a smaller player.

Final Remarks:

Being tall will help you become a better tennis player. However, there is no reason to believe that since you are short, you will not be successful. Keep in mind that no tennis player taller than 6’5 has ever competed and risen to the top of the ATP rankings. However, it is possible that it will happen soon.