Dunlop Squash Rackets Review

Are you searching for the best squash rackets? Squash is one of the fastest-growing sports in all of America and Europe. But without the right equipment, you cannot win the game. The right pieces of equipment not only increase the chance of your success but also help you to train better for the next tournament.

A soothing grip, robust net, and powerful wires of the nets are the major ingredients of the best squash. But there is a long list of considerations such as durability, reliability, size, weight, material, and so on. Finding a squash racket with all these features is hard but here I brought the best squash racket for you. It will not only help you to play better but also allow you to move independently and face your opponent with courage.

Dunlop Squash Rackets

Dunlop Squash Rackets Review

Dunlop Squash Rackets


  • Weight 125 gram
  • Head light balance
  • Length 490 cm
  • Budget-friendly

When someone asks me about a top-quality squash racket, the first name that comes to mind is the Dunlop squash racket. From size to weight and grip to power these squash rackets are perfect in all aspects. Dunlop has launched these squash rackets for advanced users but you can use them for training.

There are a lot of reasons to buy this squash racket but the major one is the quality of the product. This squash racket is made to maximize the comfort of the users. The grips provide such a cozy experience so you can play for hours without rashes on your palm skin. People often complain that holding a squash racket for more than 30 minutes causes pain in the joints of the hands. This is because of the imperfect design of the squash racket. Such squash rackets not only cause pains and rashes on the palm but also stop you from providing your best.

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But this squash racket can solve all your problems. After years of hard work on design, this squash racket aligns all the joints of your hand. As well as, the soothing grip allows you to hold the racket for hours without creating any palm problems. If you have a palm problem but want to play squash again then this squash racket is made for you.

Plus, the racket contains a soft, comforting grip which helps you to control the racket. Squash rackets are hard to handle when the game is fast but this racket makes your game easy. If you sweat a lot while playing squash then this racket can help you out. The grip is sweat resistant, no matter how hot the environment is, the grip will never allow a little drop of sweat to disturb your game.

What Do I like About The Dunlop Squash Rackets?

I am a squash enthusiast and have been playing squash for the past 10 years. I have used different squash rackets but the Dunlop squash racket is my favorite because of its exceptional features. The racket is neither weighty nor extremely lightweight. The perfect size allows you to control the racket and if you are able to play better you can overcome the game. Some people prefer weighty squash rackets but such rackets are useless when it comes to a fast game. A weighty racket is hard to control and takes more time to hit the ball.

On the other hand, lightweight squash rackets fly in the air and are unable to provide a powerful hit. But Dunlop squash rackets allow you to play fast and provide a strong hit. As I have mentioned before, it is neither too heavy nor lightweight so you can use it for tournaments or for recreational games.

Weight is not the only factor that influences squash but also the size and material of the racket. This squash racket has a 490 cm which is ideal for all short and long players. Plus its durable and top-quality material provides a long service life. The average life of a Dunlop squash racket is about 4 to 6 years if you take proper care of the racket.

Why Use Dunlop Squash Rackets?

The first reason I am endorsing the Dunlop squash racket is because of its looks. This racket is not only made of durable material and perfect size but also has exceptional looks. The cool paint on the frame and eye-catching design will attract the attention of other people. The unique and printed net makes it look smarter.

If you are looking for a powerful squash racket that hits the ball at a fast pace then this racket is made for you. The grip allows you to hold it with maximum strength and hit the ball with force. Most squash rackets provide powerful hits but they destroy balance and accuracy. This is because such squash rackets are made to hit with full force but designers do not consider the accuracy rate.

This squash racket provides total control over the racket and enhances accuracy. The squash racket is tested and used by different famous and professional squash players. If you are on a tight budget but want to play squash with a top-quality squash racket then you must buy Dunlop squash Racket. With all the expensive features this squash racket is one of the most inexpensive rackets.


Is Dunlop a good squash brand?

Yes, it is a good brand which is providing different sports equipment and one of the best squash rackets in the world. Players use Dunlop products for international-level sports.

What is a good weight for a squash racket?

The good weight of a squash racket is about 125 to 135 grams. Heavier or lighter squash rackets create obstacles while playing the game.

When should I replace the squash racket?

A squash racket’s service life is about 2 to 3 years but if you take proper care of the racket it can last 4 years maximum.


Dunlop is one of the best sports equipment manufacturing brands. It manufactures different equipment like tennis balls, rackets, or squash rackets. Anyhow, the Dunlop squash racket is a durable, reliable, and powerful product. You can use it for advanced squash games, training, or recreational purposes, by all means, it provides excellent sports. The purpose is not to change the previous product but to change a worn-out, old and unsuitable racket to polish sports skills.

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