Top 8 Best Tennis Overgrips – Expert Reviews & Guide

Having a solid and comfortable grip on your racquet is vital, whether you’re a seasoned tennis player or a total newbie about to swing your first tennis racquet. Although some players like to utilize the default base grip with their tennis racquets, many of us prefer to use a tennis overgrip. Of course, all tennis overgrips are not created equal, so we’ve developed a list of the top tennis overgrips available.

Like lacing your tennis shoes, wrapping your racquet handle is essential to your on-court routine. We’ve rounded up the best overgrip tennis for you, whether you’re aiming to utilize your overgrip till the racquet slides out or need a fresh start with a new grip for each training session.

Of course, you’re (nearly) ready to play tennis if you’ve already packed your strings, racquets, and shoes in your tennis bag. So let’s finish your gear list with the overgrip that best matches your needs.

8 Best Tennis Overgrips You Can Buy Today 

There is much over-grip tennis. A few of them are explained below.

1- Yonex Super Grap Overgrip:

Yonex Super Grap Overgrip

Key Features:

  • It absorbs moisture
  • Improves grip
  • White synthetic grip
  • Best for a better grip
  • The texture is sticky

The Yonex Super Grap is one of the cheesiest overgrips on the market, as its name suggests. It is frequently compared because it shares many qualities with the Wilson Pro Comfort overgrip. It’s a highly pleasant and long-lasting grip with a high level of perspiration absorption. It’s perfect for players who don’t sweat a lot while playing and search for a comfortable and all-around outstanding overgrip.

Yonex manufactures high-quality tennis racquets, clothes, and other accessories. Angelique Kerber, a professional WTA player, employs this over-grip with her Yonex racquet. Players rated this grip as more durable, reasonably sticky, and pleasant. This grip is suitable for sweaty palms, but it might slip in hot or humid weather. Each overgrip is separately wrapped and packaged in packs. Black and white are two alternatives for color.

One of the most popular grips in badminton is the Yonex Super Grap (AC102-EX). The Yonex Super Grap overgrip is a popular choice among professional and top-ranked badminton players because of its great comfort and tackiness. Super Grap redefined grip performance by combining excellent tack, absorbency, and long-lasting durability. 

Your racquet’s playability will be improved with Super Grap. It absorbs shock and sweat, giving you superior control and sensation. Standard and long-body racquets are both compatible with Super Grap.

Yonex Super Grap Overgrip Review

Yonex Super Grap Overgrip

The Good

  • Long-lasting and durable.
  • It’s simple to use for gamers of all skill levels.
  • Tackiness and absorbency are in good balance.
  • Compatible with super grap
  • Best for sweaty palms

The Bad

  • Comfortable and absorbent, but only to a degree.

Final Verdict:

These over-grip tennis are highly durable and long-lasting. They are highly absorbent. This over-grip tennis is best for absorbance. These tennis overgrips are perfect for sweaty palms. They are highly compatible with super grip. They have a fantastic grip; however, the texture is a bit sweaty. They are better options for players who get blisters.

2- Head Super Comp OvergripAmazon Choice

Key Features:

  • Durability
  • Dryness
  • Comfort

Head produces some of the best tennis equipment on the market.

Head’s sticky, “soft feel” grip, made of a thin elastomer substance, is an excellent alternative for intermediate club players who prefer to keep their hands dry. It emphasizes sweat absorption and has a modest level of durability and comfort.

This grip isn’t as dry as the Tourna Grip, but it lasts a little longer and has a little more tackiness. The Head Super Comp Overgrip is an excellent option for players searching for moisture absorption. This grip has a great soft feel to it and is quite absorbent.

The Head Super Comp Overgrip Black is made for players who want to dry their hands. This grip offers a great smooth feel to it, as well as increased absorption for any sweat that collects on your hands while playing.

A specifically developed elastomer substance makes up the Head Super Comp Overgrip. This new overwrap has a great feel and absorbs sweat well. The Head Super Comp is a sticky, smooth overwrap created to grip, perfect for club players wishing to add the final touch to their favorite HEAD racquet.

The handle wrap comprises a specifically developed elastomer material that provides enhanced grip and control with every shot. In addition, the Super Comp has a great feel and absorbs moisture, resulting in a firm, dry grip. For even better precision, combine it with your head racket.

Head Super Comp Overgrip Review

Head Super Comp Overgrip

The Good

  • A fantastic blend of absorbency and tackiness.
  • a pleasant sensation
  • This product keeps your hand dry
  • Firm, dry grip
  • Great, soft feel

The Bad

  • Not as long-lasting as other grips

Final Verdict:

This tennis overgrip is an excellent absorbent. They keep your hand dry. These are best for dry hands. They have a fantastic firm, dry grip. They give a great, soft feel and keep your hands dry to avoid any moisture. The dry factor makes them highly durable and perfects while playing.

3- Tourna Overgrip:

Key Features:

  • Durability
  • Dryness
  • Comfort

The Tourna Overgrip is another prominent overgrip in professional tennis, with players such as the Bryan brothers, Dominic Thiem, John Isner, and Pete Sampras using it. This is a dry overgrip best suited to players who have sweaty palms or frequently play in hot and humid settings.

It’s not very durable since it frays after a short use time and gets rather unpleasant to play with. However, if you have sweaty palms, the Dry Feel Tourna Grip is, without a doubt, the best option; you’ll have to replace it a bit more regularly.

The Bryan Brothers, John Isner, Eugenie Bouchard, and Pete Sampras are just a few current and previous professionals using Tourna Grip.

tourna overgrip review

Tourna overgrip is a good grip for players of all skill levels who need a lot of “moisture-wicking” absorbency and some comfort. This grip is only somewhat durable, and it sheds after a few uses. As a result, it will need to be replaced more frequently than other grips by elite tennis players. However, it’s also less sticky than other grips, allowing you to switch between forehand and backhand grips quickly.

Pickleball, squash, and racquetball rackets are also compatible with the Tourna Grip if you’re a multi-sport athlete. Blue grips are the most prevalent, but black grips are also available.

Tourna Overgrip Review

tourna overgrip review

The Good

  • The most effective grip for keeping your hand dry
  • Excellent level of comfort.
  • It’s ideal for playing tennis in hot weather.
  • It’s appropriate for gamers of all skill levels.
  • Like John Isner and the Bryan Brothers, many elite players use zit.

The Bad

  • The grass isn’t the strongest.
  • But, on the other hand, it’s a lot less flashy than the other possibilities.

Final Verdict:

This tennis overgrip is most effective and keeps your hands super dry. They are perfect in hot weather. They are the best tennis overgrip. They are the best option for players with high skill levels. They give an excellent level of comfort and are ideal in hot weather.

4- Gamma Supreme Overgrip (Best Seller) :

Key Features:

  • Brand: GAMMA
  • Type: Overgrip
  • Colour: White
  • Thickness: 0.6 mm

Gamma Sports also produce tennis strings and tennis ball hoppers. In addition, their Supreme Overgrip has a soft polymer covering on top of a robust and non-woven basis. This long-lasting grip dampens vibrations and adds comfort. For convenient application, both ends are angled.

The ultimate overgrip isn’t great for keeping your hands dry for more expert players. But, on the other hand, this grip might easily slide if you’re playing in a hot, outdoor location or if your hands are sweaty.

It’s available in black, blue, grey, orange, pink, and white, among other hues.

The Supreme Overgrip has a non-woven foundation with a high-traction polymer covering. We discovered an overgrip that was popular among our playtesters during our testing. If you prefer uber tacky, Supreme Overgrip is worth a try. The durability of the product was above average. All racquet handle lengths are accommodated.

An overgrip with superior tackiness and absorption! It’s soft but tough enough to withstand many hours of play. In addition, it fits racquets that are incredibly long.

For a good reason, the GAMMA Supreme Overgrip is our best-selling overgrip. This overgrip is tacky and absorbent! It’s soft yet tough enough to withstand hours of play, and it accommodates extra-long racquets.

Main Title

Gamma Supreme Overgrip

The Good

  • Vibration is reduced.
  • Superb convenience
  • Overgrip is quite challenging.
  • It is simple to use.
  • Highly absorbent

The Bad

  • On warm days, It may compromise the absorbency.

Final Verdict:

This tennis overgrip is highly convenient. However, the grip is quite challenging. These are the best overgrip for tennis rackets. They are excellent absorbent, which makes them unique. They are straightforward to use and are very handy. These over grips are very soft yet tough enough to withstand a lot of time.

5- Wilson Pro Comfort Overgrip:

Key Features:

  • Tour wear Pro Overgrip.
  • The thin, stretchy feel
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Durable materials.
  • Tape.
  • Each set includes three different color grips.

The Wilson Pro Comfort Overgrip is one of the greatest tennis overgrips on the market and is used by Roger Federer and Serena Williams on both the ATP and WTA tours. It’s a “tacky” overgrip made for players that prioritize comfort over everything else, and it’s ideal for most playing situations. 

It has a decent amount of sweat absorption and is quite simple to use. It’s also quite long-lasting. Despite the tackiness fading off with time, the grip is still quite pleasant to hold and does not appear to slip. Overall, we think this is the best tennis overgrip.

Roger Federer and Serena Williams both like this grip from the well-known manufacturer of racquets, tennis balls, apparel, and other sporting goods. The Wilson Pro Overgrip comprises elastic felt with a tapered beginning end, making the application faster and simpler. You’ll find this “tacky” grip to be both sturdy and pleasant.

Compared to other grips, it merely absorbs a moderate amount of perspiration. After 30 minutes of competitive play, your grip may begin to loosen if you sweat more than usual. White, pink, green, silver and brown camo are among the hues available for this grip.

Wilson Pro Comfort Overgrip Review

Wilson Pro Comfort Overgrip

The Good

  • Long-lasting and comfortable.
  • It’s simple to use and has a high level of tackiness.
  • It’s also available in a variety of colors.
  • Roger Federer and Serena Williams both use it.
  • These are highly durable.

The Bad

  • For sweaty hands, this isn’t the best option.

Final Verdict:

This tennis overgrip is incredibly long-lasting and very comfortable. These are the best thin tennis overgrip. This tennis overgrip is highly durable. They come in a lot of color ranges. They are durable themselves and the material they are made with.

6- Babolat Pro Tour Overgrip:

Key Features:

  • Improved grip
  • Simple placement
  • Highly absorbent

Rafael Nadal uses the Babolat VS Original Overgrip, one of the thinnest tennis grips on the market. This dry-feel overgrip has excellent perspiration absorption and is unquestionably one of the best overgrips for players with sweaty palms. It’s also enjoyable, owing to its smooth and somewhat sticky feel, and it’s considerably more durable than a comparable grip like the Tourna Grip.

The Babolat Pro Tour grip has received a lot of positive feedback from consumers who appreciate its consistency throughout all of our categories. The pro tour overgrip is an absorbent, extremely comfortable solution that helps keep players’ hands dry. However, it is fragile and has a smooth exterior layer.

This grip is suitable for players of all ability levels, with a combination of tackiness, feel, and dryness. It is not the most lasting grip, though, and it can wear out or slip after a few matches. Black, light blue, white, and brilliant yellow are the colors offered for this Babolat grip.

The Pro Tour performs admirably in terms of comfort. It has a similar feel to the Wilson Pro Overgrip, probably with a little more TAC, and it gives your hands a soft sensation. It’s not so thin that you can’t feel it, but it’s also not so thick that you can’t feel it.

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The Wilson still has a slight edge in feel, but the Babolat isn’t far behind. It has a great feel when it’s dry, but when your hand sweats, it loses some of that.

Babolat Pro Tour Overgrip Review

Babolat Pro Tour Overgrip

The Good

  • Excellent convenience.
  • For added sensation, it’s fragile.
  • On hot days, absorbent
  • The tackiness is excellent.
  • Great grip.

The Bad

  • The grip isn’t the most durable.

Final Verdict:

This tennis overgrip is incredibly convenient. They are highly absorbent on hot days. This tennis overgrip is perfect for dry hands. They have a fragile sensation. When you play with them, they have a fantastic feeling; however, they lose it when your hands get sweaty.

7- Volkl V-Dry Overgrip:

Key Features:

  • 0.5mm in thickness,
  • 5 grams in weight.
  • Level of Tackiness: low
  • High moisture absorption

Volkl’s V-Dry overgrip is a super-absorbent overgrip that’s ideal for players who play in humid environments or sweat a lot through their hands. Over three hitting sessions, I utilized the Volkl V-Dry, and it’s my favorite of the “dry” grips out there. It lasts longer than a Tourna grip, comes in various colors, and is far superior to the Luxilon Elite Dry.

The drawback would be that the grip’s cloth-like texture makes it difficult to fit firmly into the racket. That means it gets slack when wrapped and has a loose grip on the handle in general. It also appears to be somewhat loose when worn, which I dislike.

As you can see in the photos, the V Dry Overgrip has the brand printed on the grip, which some players dislike. However, during testing, I found that the grip did a decent job absorbing any moisture on my hands.

Overall, I found it a little too dry for my liking, with no real track, but the Volkl V Dry will be a fantastic choice for players who prioritize moisture absorption over everything else. Here’s when the Volkl V-Dry starts to shine. It effectively absorbs moisture and provides the additional grip that everyone with sweaty hands requires. It has a lot of tacks, and unlike some grips, it doesn’t get too slippery when your hands sweat. If you need that extra grip, we would 100% recommend the V-Dry as a terrific alternative to the Tourna.

Once again, this isn’t the point of these gripes. Instead, these grips provide the necessary thickness to absorb moisture effectively. Despite this, the V-Dry isn’t excessively bulky and provides a comfortable grip on the racket handle.

Volkl V-Dry Overgrip Review

Volkl V-Dry Overgrip reviews

The Good

  • Absorption is excellent.
  • Long-lasting
  • Comfortable grip
  • Cloth-like textures
  • Shine like surface

The Bad

  • It’s challenging to get everything to fit together perfectly.
  • Not the most relaxing.
  • There is no tack.

Final Verdict:

This is a fantastic alternative for players who prefer a “dry” grip. It has a longer lifespan than Tourna’s grip. These grips are highly long-lasting. These are excellent absorbents. This tennis overgrip has a comfortable grip. They feel very light.

8- Luxilon Elite Dry Overgrip:

Key Features:

  • 0.45mm in thickness
  • 5 grams in weight.
  • Level of Tackiness: low
  • Moisture Absorption: Extremely High

The breakthrough soft-touch fabric and moisture-tack technology, according to Luxilon, provide a comfortable fit and increase tackiness as you sweat. The Luxilon Elite Dry is advertised as perfect for humid conditions or for players who desire a better grip, and its marketing creates the impression that this is a high-end product.

This, on the other hand, was by far the worst overgrip I’d ever used. After only 5 minutes of play, I could feel the overgrip tearing, and it wasn’t long until a considerable portion of it had worn away, exposing the leather grip below. While it’s common for “dry” overgrips to tear and need to be replaced frequently, this one lasted far less time than a Tourna grip or a Volkl V-Dry.

Worse, when I took it off, it left a lot of residue on the Wilson leather grip, which I had to wipe off. So not only did it wear off in one use, but I also had to spend 10 minutes wiping away the grey sticky residue with a moist towel before applying another. On its website, Luxilon touts the product’s “new Soft-Touch fabric with Moisture-Tack technology,” which promises a “comfortable feel and enhanced tackiness as you sweat.”

It’s ideal for players who want to improve their grip in humid circumstances. When businesses make big promises about their grips, it always makes me nervous. When you read this, you could imagine a grip that’s as comfy as a Wilson Pro Overgrip but with the sticking strength of a Tourna Original, but it doesn’t exist (or isn’t conceivable) as far as I’m aware. Naturally, I’d want to trust the hoopla! But before we could do that, we needed to thoroughly test the Luxilon Elite Dry Overgrip.

Luxilon Elite Dry Overgrip Review

Luxilon Elite Dry Overgrip

The Good

  • Comfortable feel
  • Moisture absorbent
  • Soft-touch fabric and moisture-tack technology
  • Improved grip in humid weather
  • Firm grip

The Bad

  • Less durability
  • Leaves residue on hands

Final Verdict:

This tennis overgrip has a very nice and comfortable feel when you use them. They absorb all the moisture that produces in your hand while playing; however, it does leave residue on your hands in some cases. They are the best option in humid weather. These over grip are the best option for people who get a lot of sweat.

Buying Guide for Best Overgrips Tennis 

There isn’t a single tennis player in the world who plays with a tennis racket’s bare handle. There are only a few players that are ok with the base grip. The Tennis Overgrip is the second most affordable item you’ll require as a tennis player. Its benefits, on the other hand, significantly outweigh its cost. Down below, you will be given criteria based on which you should buy an overgrip.

Check the comfortability:

Simply attempt to hold your racket for a minute without gripping it, or play a game or two with an essential grip. You’ll notice how unpleasant it is. And trust us when we say that after the game, you’ll be counting the blisters on your palm and fingers. The overgrip is made of a silky, pleasant-to-touch material. It improves your sense of touch and protects you from blisters.

Protecting the original grip:

The original tennis grip is rough and staple-affixed to the handle. Replacing it with a new one takes time, and you’re unlikely to be able to accomplish it on your own at home. As a result, using a tennis overgrip protects the original grip.

Sweat absorption:

During a tennis match, everyone sweats. It’s not easy to win with a sweaty racket in your hands. Overgrip will absorb sweat and provide the comfort mentioned above.

Better grip:

Tennis overgrip improves the grip and adhesion of the handle. As a result, the tennis racket will become more stable in your hands.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What tennis overgrip is best?

There is no fixed overgrip which is best. Every tennis overgrip has its pros and cons. The few best options are:
● Wilson Pro Comfort Overgrip
● Tourna Overgrip
● Yonex Super Grap Overgrip
● Babolat VS Original Overgrip
● Head Prestige Pro Overgrip

What grip tape do tennis pros use?

Black, white, green, pink, orange, and yellow is the primary colors. Bottom line: As the name implies, this is a professional-grade grip. Roger Federer uses the Wilson Pro Overgrip, a super-thin grip that keeps your grip size to a minimum. This high-stretch overgrip also provides superb comfort and performance.

What kind of overgrip does Djokovic use?

The following are the specifications for Djokovic’s “old” tennis racquet: Two overgrips are used over the head of the calfskin. Wrap the first overgrip without overlapping it, then wrap the top overgrip usually. As you know, the swing weight is pretty substantial.

Do professionals use overgrip?

Even if you’re a novice, you should employ overgrip because every professional player does. We’ve tried striking without one, and trust me; your hands will thank you. Plus, a cushioned overgrip is significantly more comfortable in the hands.


As you can see from our rankings, several of the highest-rated overgrip products are produced by well-known tennis producers.

Although these over-grips have their strengths, we recommend the Tourna Grip for its absorbency and performance. If you are a professional tennis player, no overgrip on the market will keep your hands dry.

The Wilson Pro Overgrip is a more comfortable and durable choice for novices. It’s not as absorbent as the other over-grips, but it’s a more comfortable overgrip for players who don’t sweat as much.

You’ll either have to buy a new can every time you play or invest in a high-quality ball like the Wilson US Open if you only play on weekends or a few days apart. The additional duty is designed for hard court surfaces, but players of all skill levels will enjoy playing with it. Even though they are officially other duties, you may use this ball on any court.