Top 10 Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet- An In-Depth Guide

Flat feet should never prevent you from participating in the sports and activities you like. Choose the best tennis shoes for flat feet that provide adequate support.

If you have flat feet, you’ve probably gotten a lot of contradictory shoe recommendations. Some believe you should wear shoes with a lot of arch support, while others think the reverse is true. You’ll be able to overcome the symptoms and concerns that may hinder your tennis playing if you wear the right tennis shoes for flat feet. 

Flat feet are not a sign of weakness; in fact, roughly 30% of the world’s population has flat feet. This shows you’re not alone, and it’s also not incorrect. However, if you participate in sports and have flat feet, failing to do so might result in a slew of issues.

Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet – Overview

On the tennis court, flat feet may be a major issue. Flat feet can create many problems in the leg since the arch of your foot isn’t as strong as it should be. The right tennis shoes, on the other hand, can help. The arch of your foot is significant because it is linked to the biometrics of your lower leg. Your arch acts as an elastic link between your front and back feet, ensuring that the bulk of force applied when walking or running is dispersed before it reaches your lower leg.

If your foot has no arch, this does not occur, and the excess strain exerted on your lower leg might result in discomfort and biometric difficulties. In terms of tennis, this implies that if you have flat feet and don’t rectify them in any way, all of the runnings around the court can be a problem. There are various types of tennis shoes for flat feet that help.

Best Tennis Shoes for Flat Feet at a GlanceYou Can Buy Today

There are many types of tennis shoes for flat feet. Some of these are given below.

  1. Adidas Men’s Barricade Tennis Shoe
  2. Asics Men’s Gel-challenger Shoe
  3. Prince T22
  4. K-swiss Bigshot Light
  5. Asics Gel
  6. Babolat Propulse Blast All Court
  7. Nike Men’s Air Zoom 
  8. Mizuno Men’s Wave Inspire 13
  9. Asics Gel-resolution 7
  10. Babolat Men’s Propulse 4 All Court

1 – Adidas Men’s Barricade Tennis Shoe:


  • Extremely long-lasting
  • It provides a great deal of support and stability.
  • The midsole provides exceptional durability and responsiveness.
  • The emphasis is on comfort and shock absorption.


  • The shoes aren’t exceptionally breathable.
  • Feet that are a little heavy begin to sweat easily.

These tennis shoes are best for men with flat feet. They have a comfortable fit and are perfect to use.

Key features:

  • Imported
  • From the arch, the shaft measures approximately low-top.
  • The upper is made of forged mesh and has regions of support and stretch to offer a tailored fit that adjusts to your every move.
  • In the forefoot, adiprene+ maintains propulsion and efficiency. The boot structure ensures a secure fit. For a more comfortable fit, the tongue is soft and flexible.
  • Abrasion-resistant adituff is a protective wrap that wraps over the toe and medial forefoot to help prevent foot drag during serves, volleys, and severe lateral movements.
  • The benefit structure provides anatomical fit and comfort. A ghillie at the top of the lacing ensures a secure fit.

The Adidas guys’ barricade tennis shoe is a popular tennis shoe for men worldwide who play tennis. Barricade shoes are noted for their great stability, making them the ideal tennis shoe for people who have flat feet. In these sneakers, Adidas has used a soft yet durable substance under the ball of your foot. The Adidas barricade has a smooth and stretchy upper that keeps the top of your foot in place when you shift around. This allows you to maneuver around the court with ease.

Adidas employed abrasion-resistant “adistuff” that wraps around the toe and tip of the shoe to help protect your foot during quick lateral movements and dashing to the net and back (all regular tennis actions).

This edition of the Adidas barricade is no exception to the brand’s reputation for creating exceptional shoes and a lengthy history of excellence in the barricade series. Adidas has continued to incorporate boost into the design of its shoes to provide a little more comfort to its customers while also gathering input from the players. This unique model has a seamless mesh top that provides a more secure fit.

The boost technology provides excellent support, ensuring that your feet do not experience as much pain when you set them on the ground. In addition, the adiprene+ technology provides the stability you need in the forefoot so you can blast off the ground. 

These shoes are more durable than others on the market thanks to the adiwear six design on the outsole. Even after a few weeks of playing gently, there were no minor wear or bald patches symptoms. Another notable feature of this shoe’s design is its ability to glide freely on hard courts without showing any indications of wear.

2- Asics Men’s Gel-challenger Shoe:


  • Rubber that is both flexible and synthetic
  • The rubber outsole
  • Truss System Technology
  • Forefoot G.E.L. Cushioning System


  • It’s not very breathable.
  • It is possible to have a small size.

These tennis shoes are good options for men with flat feet. Their G.E.L. cushioning system is very amazing and perfect for long-standing.

Key Features:

  • Fabric-and-synthetic
  • Rubber sole
  • 8802549
  • Athletic

The Flexion top provides increased comfort, a secure fit, and stability. The outsole is fairly tough, and it’s also AHAR-reinforced in all the right spots. The midsole comprises a mix of sustainable and supportive technologies that help the shoe perform well in terms of comfort, stability, and support. Although these shoes feature new and creative technology, they are extremely comfortable and light. The G.E.L. technology in the midsole is a characteristic that is exclusive to ASICS footwear.

The Gel Challenger has G.E.L. cushioning technology in the forefoot and rearfoot that helps it reduce shock during contact. When there is a toe-off, it also offers the foot enough energy. The addition of Solyte midsole material, a lightweight compound that increases the shoe’s durability, is another highlight. 

The combination of Solyte material and G.E.L. technology allows the shoe to be light while still offering excellent shock absorption and cushioning. It also uses Trussic System technology to keep it light while preserving structural strength. 

Synthetic materials, cloth, and mesh make up the upper of the G.E.L. Challenger 11. ASICS’ unique Flexion Fit mix comprises the ingredients mentioned above.

The P.H.F. collar lining is found on the back end of the upper and is abbreviated as P.H.F. It is lightweight, weighing only 9.8 ounces. Its lightweight allows you to move quickly. It is available in three colors: pink, white, and vivid blue.

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3 – Prince T22 Tennis Shoes Review:


  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Supportive and long-lasting
  • Toe cap protection is included.
  • Shock absorption is excellent, and court traction is exceptional.
  • The mid-foot is secure.


  • The laces are short.
  • The outsole quickly wears out.

These shoes are gender-friendly. They are not specified to men or women only. These tennis shoes are comfortable for both women and men.

Key Features:

  • 100% Synthetic and mesh
  • Rubber sole
  • 4Foot Wrap
  • Shock Eraser

The Prince T22 is a superb tennis shoe for guys among the most popular types available today. It was professionally constructed with a high-quality combination of breathable polyester and mesh fabrics. It also has a sturdy T.P.U. Shank and a well-cushioned P.U. sock lining, as well as a PRC1000 outsole that provides excellent on-court grip.

This shoe was designed for folks who want exceptional durability and support while also guaranteeing that their feet have better aeration—the T.P.U. Straps on the forefoot contribute to stability.

On the other hand, the RASH toe cap protects athletes against abrasion and damage. A Shock Eraser midsole technology is also included, which effectively absorbs impacts. The mesh panels and inexpensive pricing make the shoes a popular choice for any tennis player looking for a more compact design and smaller sneakers.

The Prince T22 tennis shoes are one of the best on the market for flat feet. The unique Shock eraser heel protection and additional arch support are just what your feet need to prevent discomfort and impact. The robust outsole provides excellent grip and stability on rougher surfaces. 

The shoes are stylish and comfortable to wear while playing, with additional ventilation to keep your feet cool. An ingenious design keeps your toes aligned with your heel to promote posture on the court. 

These Prince Tennis Shoes also include excellent shock absorption in the midsole, vital for running comfort. The Prince T22 is a famous tennis shoe that can be found on the feet of tennis players all over the world. It is an excellent tennis shoe for flat feet. 

4 – K-Swiss Bigshot Review:


  • Materials of superior grade were used.
  • Gel cushioning has been improved for further comfort.
  • Tour-level technology is employed.
  • The footbed is quite comfy and soft.


  • Quite expensive

These shoes are very perfectly made. They are made of greater quality and the most updated technology.

Key Features:

  • Rubber sole
  • Synthetic Leather/Textile Upper
  • Textile Collar Lining
  • CMEVA Midsole
  • CMEVA Sock Liner
  • Non-Marking Sole

We couldn’t list the best tennis shoes without including K-Swiss. They are one of the most innovative and well-designed firms. The K-Swiss Bigshot is no exception, and it’s a tennis shoe worth considering if you have flat feet. You’ll never have to worry about your feet sweating, thanks to the technology and build of these tennis shoes excessively. 

To begin with, these shoes have a flow-cool system that allows air to reach your feet and creates a breeze against them. Furthermore, the moisture-wicking fabric in the sole wicks sweats away from your feet, ensuring a clean and dry fit within the shoe.

The lightweight synthetic top of these sneakers provides greater protection and support for your feet. Whether you’re a ferociously attacking or cautiously conservative player, you may get the support and arch stability you need to play.

The mid-foot shank prevents excessive twisting and gives you more freedom to be confident in your movements. On the one hand, you may expect quick comfort out of the box, but you will find that it will take some time before you can appreciate the pleasure these pairs of shoes provide.

The weight was the first thing that bothered me. Although these sneakers are lightweight, you would expect them to be much lighter. The shoes also have the unique KSwiss signature Aosta 7.0 rubber outsole composition, which has been praised as being superior to the soles of most other lightweight shoes on the market.

5 – Asics Gel Tennis Shoes:


  • Rubber that is both flexible and synthetic
  • The rubber outsole
  • Technology for Truss Systems
  • Forefoot G.E.L. Cushioning System


  • It’s not very breathable.
  • It is possible to have a small size.

The Asics Gel is very easy to use and is perfectly made. The truss system technology 

Key features:

  • Synthetic-and-mesh
  • Sole made of synthetic materials
  • Solid rubber outsole: provides increased traction and durability.
  • Trusstic system technology: lightens the sole unit while maintaining the shoe’s structural integrity.

The elastic and synthetic top does not allow for a great deal of ventilation, essential in chilly weather. The shoe is built to withstand abrupt changes in movement while still delivering outstanding grip.

During propulsion, the gel cushioning structure optimizes shock absorption. 

This approach has been used to reduce the total weight of the construction without jeopardizing its structural integrity. In addition, the design has been improved to ensure that these shoes last a long time. The upper delivers a must-have trait for shoes worn during games for flexibility. 

The shoe is not specifically designed for the summer season since there is little to boast about in terms of ventilation is a big negative highlight. You might also be interested to know that these sneakers are affordable. You may learn more about these and other topics by reading more about them online.

Excess sweat from jogging is not ideal, and this helps to fight that by allowing for free air circulation. These Asics Gel shoes are a perfect choice if you want the best protection and comfort on the court. They include a leather top with a built-in mesh panel to keep your feet cool when playing tennis.

The upper component of this shoe provides fantastic support for the foot and keeps it in perfect alignment, which I appreciate. However, don’t be concerned about your comfort! The ASICS Gel Dedicate tennis shoes are one of my favorites since they allow you to move naturally.

6 – Babolat Propulse Blast All Court:


  • It boasts a long-lasting heel dampening system.
  • It has a dynamic fit, is breathable, and is extremely supportive.
  • It’s light and comfy.


  • It may wear out over time since it is not very stable.

These are the best tennis support tennis shoes for flat feet. These are highly comfortable and breathable.

Key Features:

  • Upper: cell shield technology provides support and ventilation where it’s most needed. The ti-fit provides tennis-specific comfort and stability with its foot belt technology.
  • Side2side e.V.A. Technology drives your foot forward with each stride, while the compressor system in the heel provides extra cushioning to defend against hard landings.
  • The Michelin ocs2 rubber outsole with a unique tread pattern gives great grip and durability on any court surface. A six-month durability warranty is included.
  • Colour: green/black; weight: 14.8 oz. (size 10.5)

You can’t ask for much more in a pair of tennis shoes for flat feet. With the Babolat Propulse Tennis Shoes, Babolat’s ultimate geniuses have done it again! They are not only attractive when worn, but they also provide excellent protection and comfort.

The dynamic reaction technology integrated into the propulse tennis shoes is a particularly unique feature. During movement, this aids in supporting your toes and the ball of the foot. The shoes also have a unique cushioning design that provides pleasant support for the entire foot while decreasing arch impacts. This is just what you require to alleviate the negative consequences of flat feet.

The four-point support offered by a chassis-designed foot belt is another nice addition from Babolat. This maintains your foot in the proper alignment and provides excellent protection, allowing you to continue on the court for extended periods without having to cut your game short due to pain.

The Babolat Propulse tennis shoes are a terrific choice for any flat-footed tennis player, whether they’re casual or serious about the sport. They are highly recommended in our list of the best tennis shoes for flat feet because of their excellent arch support and general protection.

It includes Motion technology for the dynamic forefoot, an asymmetrical high-rebound Eva. For comfort and durability, it incorporates a cell shield material. For further support, it has a Michelin outsole and a foot belt. For a size 10, it weighs 14.8 ounces.

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7 – Nike Air Zoom Tennis Shoes:


  • It boasts a long-lasting outsole and a stable foundation.
  • Its midfoot support is excellent and very comfy.
  • Durable


  • It has a higher-than-average ankle cut.

These tennis shoes are highly breathable and light. These are the best work tennis shoes.

Key Features:

  • Wide fit
  • Extra durability
  • Tough
  • Good midsole

Nike has come up with a pair of tennis shoes that are lightweight and durable. You’ll notice the significant support these shoes provide for flat feet just by looking at them. These shoes, made of a combination of cloth and synthetic material, are light and allow your feet to breathe. 

However, these tennis shoes may not be suitable for everyone. On the exterior, the Nike Air Zoom is a touch tougher than other sneakers you might be used to. This is because they provide your feet with a lot of support.

This shoe features a full-length Phylon midsole that provides excellent impact protection and makes it ideal for use on hard courts. It also delivers a great comfort level, even when playing for lengthy periods. The outsole is made of fresh, durable rubber.

The sole is synthetic, and the shaft is around 3 inches long. It has a lace-up clasp and is available in a range of colors. For breathability and support, mesh uppers with synthetic overlays are required. It includes a cushioned collar and tongue for a secure and comfortable fit.

It has an XDR rubber compound in the outsole that provides an improved grip. It improves your response speed and allows you to perform well on the court. Leather is used on the upper for added comfort and durability. Overall, it’s a shoe that offers you a competitive advantage from the first set to the last.

8 – Babolat Men’s Propulse 4 All Court:


  • The graphics and aesthetics are excellent.
  • Breathable, long-lasting, and form-fitting
  • Mid-foot and arch support have been improved, and gel cushioning has been added for further comfort.
  • For rigorous gameplay, a durable sole is required.


  • There is less traction.
  • Wide-footed athletes may find it tough in the beginning.

These tennis shoes are very pretty look-wise. They are highly durable. They add a very nice impact on your whole personality.

Key Features:

  • Breathable
  • Light
  • Durable

These are quite comfy sneakers, which you’ll notice right away when you take them out of the package. They also seem very robust. The sneakers will improve your confidence while showing off your best skills on the court.

Babolat has improved several characteristics, such as the better arch support and stability that comes with the additional gel cushioning, which provides optimal shock absorption and helps minimize harsh landings. As a result, people who undertake strenuous motions will receive greater assistance.

Although the shoe appears big when it first comes out of the box, it is believed to be incredibly light, which you will notice the moment you put it on and start playing on the court. Despite the excellent arch support, I would not recommend the built-in mesh for much ventilation. It does, however, keep your feet dry for a long time, although you may notice some heat build-up when playing.

From heel to toe, they offer protection. The Side 2 Side technology is a 3D fishbone design on the outsole that provides improved responsiveness and a power boost, or spring effect, with each stride. The heel’s Compressor System helps reduce the shock that hammering on the tennis court causes. 

The foot Belt and asymmetrical collar are meant to comfortably secure the foot inside the shoe, resulting in reduced slippage and a tight, protected feeling. The top is also protected by the Cell Shield material for your toe draggers.

9 – Mizuno Men’s Wave Inspire 13:


  • Top with excellent ventilation.
  • The collar lining is soft.
  • Soling technique with two waves
  • Excellent support for the arch.
  • U4IC is a responsive midsole composition.
  • For lateral stability, use a heel wedge.


  • If you hit anything, make a loud noise.
  • Females aren’t catered to.

These tennis shoes are best for flat feet and plantar fasciitis. These are very comfy and easy to work in.

Key Features:

  • Two layers of rubber sole
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight

Last but not least, we have the Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 sneakers to show you. Although these sneakers were created to improve running performance, their lateral support and stability make them ideal tennis shoes for flat feet.

The high-quality fabric top of the Inspire 13 tennis shoes for flat feet features an elaborate mesh design for breathability. The shoe collar is coated with breathable textile cushioning to guarantee heel support. They’re available in a variety of unusual hues.

The Inspire 13’s midsole comprises Mizuno’s characteristic U4IC foam, which boosts responsiveness and resilience. A U4IC wedge protects the heel and ensures durability and shock absorption.

The heel wedge in athletic shoes for flat feet is effective for lateral leaps. Two layers of rubber sole are formed into a double wave design for support beneath the midsole. To evaluate the Inspire 13 shoes’ lateral support, we put them through a series of intense tennis drills. Even during strenuous tennis games, they could readily steady their motions.

The Inspire 13’s mesh upper also contributed greatly to the shoe’s performance. Throughout the game, players stated that their feet stayed fresh and dry. This eliminated the tight Fit produced by flat feet while preventing itching and improving ventilation.

In addition, the Double Wave sole technology has proven to be a great source of arch support.

10 – Asics Gel-Resolution 7:


  • Very relaxing.
  • It allows for a great deal of stability and support.
  • Very long-lasting


  • For some players, the toe box is too small.
  • A break-in period is required.

These shoes come with six months warranty and are the best choice for men. They have form-fitting and are very light on their feet.

Key Features:

  • Synthetic and mesh
  • Synthetic materials are used for the sole.
  • This product comes with a 6-month outsole warranty against excessive outsole wear.
  • Flexion fit upper: an exclusive upper promotes form-fitting comfort without compromising support.
  • Guard toe protector: provides more long-lasting toe protection.
  • This technology lightens the sole unit while maintaining the shoe’s structural integrity.

One of the most durable shoe series available is the Asics Gel Resolution 7 series. This type is often regarded as Asics’ more large and sturdy model since it performs exceptionally well. 

They mix comfort, stability, and durability, and they are arguably the greatest you can find in any shoe on the market, in my view. This is most likely why you’ll see many people interacting with them at various stages of the game.

I enjoy the ASICS Gel-Resolution 7 because it is comfortable, even though it is highly supportive and stable. Many individuals find the front area of the shoe where the toes are meant to fit rather small is a key problem with this shoe. They also appear to run higher than other sneakers. This does not usually happen with shoes of this type, so all things considered, this is still a great option for anyone who plays tennis.

With all the comfort and support you need to excel on the court, the Asics men’s gel-resolution 7 tennis shoe will help you chase down every point. The lightweight solytetm midsole delivers exceptional bounce-back and durability, while the sturdy tennis shoe outsole allows you to change direction in a fraction of a second. 

Speva 45 technology in the midsole and G.E.L. technology in the back and forefoot soften each stride while providing maximum comfort. As you dash from one side of the court to the other, the strengthened vamps provide more forefoot support and cushion your feet from impact. The I.G.S. (Impact Guidance System) technology and TRUSSTIC SYSTEM assistance give additional stability.


At the end of this review, I hope that I’ve properly clarified and offered the necessary information on the best tennis shoes for flat feet. I hope you know that having flat feet is not a cause of concern. Instead, we decided to put up this collection.

In this case, I’d go with the Adidas men’s barricade 2018 boost tennis shoe because stability is a trait that has been recognized to be a consistent trend in the 2018 barricades.

Stability has been heavily emphasized in this shoe, as it has been in previous iterations. Because this is a shoe meant for long-term wear, we can all expect some padding to add to the weight.