What to Wear to a Tennis Match?

In other sports, all of the focus is on the players, but when it comes to tennis, trust us when we say it’s not just about being present and supporting. To feel involved in the game, you must be dressed appropriately when you arrive. No worries, your confusion over what to wear to a tennis tournament will come to an end right now.

Yes, we’ve compiled a list of all the essential and non-essential clothing styles as well as some helpful hints for you here. 

What to Wear to a Tennis Match for Women?

If you don’t want to wear tank tops or skirts to a tennis tournament, go for a 100% cotton shirt and a pair of white shorts. You can just cover yourself up with bits from various portions of your wardrobe according to your focus for the day. Check out the choices below for more information.

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1: Assume the role of the Comfy Spectator

If you want to be comfy, look for colorful crop tops, floral blouses, off-shoulder shirts, or short dresses in the relaxed portion of your collection. Make sure you get one that is grey or a white variation. Simply combine it with white jeans and a headband from your favorite team, and you’re done.

2: Up-do Your Look

If the comfortable ones don’t appeal to you, we recommend pale-colored jumpsuits and frocks. These outfits are best worn with a comfortable pair of sneakers or high-heeled platforms. With a brightly colored bag, a bracelet of your choice, and gleaming studs, you may dress up your entire ensemble. These dresses give optimal comfort in addition to style, allowing you to perform at your best throughout the competition.

3: Why not show off those contours a little?

Any form of stylish dress in a light hue, such as a beige-colored short dress, body-con, or satin dress; in other words, any type of exquisite dress in a light color will clinch the deal ladies. Not to mention, a pair of high heels or pumps will never go out of style with a lovely dress, so grab them now. However, if the tennis match is scheduled to last all day, we recommend slipping on a pair of sneakers! Finish the ensemble with a set of stunning earrings and a sophisticated bag once more.

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What to Wear to a Tennis Match for Men?

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1: Become the traditional Man of the Match

The first alternative is a light-colored suit with or without a tie, which is the most common and safest choice. Internally you should wear it with a white shirt, but make sure the fit is perfect. You can choose from a range of styles to adorn your leg, ranging from the traditional bowtie to sophisticated sneakers. Choose what feels most natural to you.

2: Handsome Without any Trouble

On either side, you can go for a more relaxed look. Men favor graphic and floral shirts, polo shirts, and loose-fitting t-shirts. You can wear them, but they should be light in color. It looks well with curved and slim-fit slacks, tailored pants, or even shorts. Don’t forget to complete the appearance with a pair of shined shoes.

3: Fantastic

If you want to add some warmth, pair a plain shirt or a pale t-shirt with a lightweight blazer and a pair of shorts. This will undoubtedly draw attention to your appearance among the other spectators at the match. Add a smartwatch or a collar pin and pocket piece to your blazer to make the appearance even more classic. You’re well on your way to making a permanent impact on the crowd at this point.


How should I dress for a tennis match?

Usually, we advise wearing some light, white apparel. It not only looks good, but it also reflects heat, keeping you cool as the temperature soars. Don’t forget to prepare for your tennis session. For the day sessions, choose, for instance, a short-sleeved linen shirt and linen shorts or a skirt.

What ought a man to put on for Wimbledon?

There is no set attire for Wimbledon fans, however, it is recommended, especially if you plan to spend a lot of time on Centre Court or Court Number One. After all, spectators should want to imitate the players if they put effort into their attire within the rigorous parameters of the all-white color code, of course.

What should tennis newbie men and women wear?

If there is a clothing code that must be followed, be careful to follow it as closely as you can. You must wear short-sleeved cotton shirts and tennis shorts to play in most tennis clubs. Women can also wear one-piece suits, which are highly popular, or tennis skirts with built-in shorts in addition to shorts.


Though you should have a good understanding of what to wear to a tennis match! So, what do you have to lose? Look through your closets to find the clothing elements that will make you the match-stopper. You’ve come a long way, don’t forget to take part in the tennis match as well!

All the best for the match.