Why Do Tennis Players Wear Skirts?

Anyone who has followed tennis for a long time has noticed a significant change in clothing. You’ll notice something when watching professional tennis on television. If you’ve ever watched women play tennis, you’ve probably observed that, on the whole, they wear skirts. The men do, however, don shorts. Then, the question is why do tennis players wear skirts, and are okay with this clothing choice.

The time when almost all tennis players dressed conservatively in primarily white clothing is long gone. All of that began to shift in the 1980s and 1990s, and since then it has occasionally become a true fashion show on the court.

Players have more freedom than ever on the women’s side. Despite this, many professional players continue to don tennis skirts, and the trend is also popular among amateur players.

Why Do Tennis Players Wear Skirts

There is no simple explanation for why female tennis players choose to cover their legs with skirts. Based on each tennis player individually, the answer may vary. Only a few numbers of garments continue to be in fashion for more than a century.

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Even though it has changed throughout time, the tennis skirt has remained a favorite among female tennis players. Why then do tennis players, both professional and recreational, continue to wear skirts? There are many potential causes, but we think the following three are the most significant:


Why Do Tennis Players Wear Skirts?

Tennis players still prefer to wear skirts when playing the sport, despite the fact that they have many wardrobe options these days. The comfort it provides is one of the key explanations behind this. Additionally, most female players wear spandex underneath their skirts, which gives them a full range of motion.

Usually, the skirt fits nicely and stays out of the way. There are several different lengths that are currently accessible in vogue, but most of them fall somewhere about mid-thigh. Going longer than this might make it difficult to get around the tennis courts while going too short might present problems because it will disclose underneath.

Shorts and skirts may seem incomparable to athletes who don’t engage in wearing skirts. Although shorts may appear to be more comfortable from the outside, they are essentially the same inside.


Why Do Tennis Players Wear Skirts?

Even while many tennis players, both novice and seasoned players, choose to wear skirts, we all know that not everyone should. One reason for this is because there are many different color and design possibilities available, which makes it simple for a skirt to look both more current and feminine at the same time.

There were a lot fewer options available back then. Unfortunately, all skirts truly have the same appearance, but as time passed, more businesses began to produce tennis gear. It doesn’t need to be vibrant all the time because a solid basic hue can go quite nicely with a vibrant top.

Skirts are fashionable, and you can also alter them to fit your personal preferences. Simple, plain clothing can allow for more creative top choices.


Why Do Tennis Players Wear Skirts?

It is well known that marketing plays a significant role in our world. Researchers and marketing professionals will take advantage of any chance to promote their goods. Tennis becomes a soft target for subtle marketing as it takes center stage among outdoor sports.

Players are approached by a number of corporations who offer to compensate them if they simply wear their merchandise during a game. This places the product in front of both the millions of people watching on television and the spectators.

Receiving free brand-name things to try out is advantageous for players. This has a significant impact on player fans. It seems sensible that a Serena Williams fan would want to dress like her, therefore they would observe her outfit during a particular match and try to imitate it. When a famous athlete wears athletic clothing, it’s common to witness a sharp increase in sales.

Future of Tennis Skirts

The percentage of women who choose skirts over other clothing options is unknown; however, it has been declining slightly over time. For women who want to play tennis and feel comfortable on the court, there are simply more options than ever.

The number of people who wear skirts will inevitably decline as a result. The three primary choices for ladies playing tennis today are a skirt, shorts, or full dresses. Although everyone has a choice, many people still choose skirts. Nobody believes that skirts will disappear anytime soon.

For many years to come, tennis will pay special attention to this. Skirts are now really comfortable to wear thanks to advances in clothing technology, and designers will continue to create chic new styles. It’s challenging to beat the tennis skirt for the ideal blend of functionality and fashion.


There is no particular justification for the attire of female tennis players. But I thought these were the important reasons. This is a challenging issue to focus on because it is so incredibly subjective. But given the reasons mentioned above, tennis will probably continue to be played with female players wearing skirts for generations. I sincerely hope you have found this post to be insightful and helpful. I appreciate you reading it and your time.


What do women who play tennis wear underneath their skirts?

Tennis players’ skirts are covered by undershorts. To fit snugly but pleasantly, the undershorts are frequently composed of spandex or other elastic fabrics. The undershorts frequently contain pockets for tennis balls and other accessories. Skorts are another name for tennis skirts with undershorts.

What do sportswomen put on underneath their shorts?

The female athlete may wear boyshorts or seamless thongs below the compression shorts, depending on her personal preferences and body shape. If you’re unsure of what to wear below the shorts, try on a few different pairs of v- or g-strings and pick the one that fits you the best.

Why must athletes wear white?

The rule was merely developed in the 19th century for purely aesthetic grounds. Tennis was played at very formal events, and ladies, in particular, were frowned upon for showing off evident sweat patches. As a result, wearing white became required, and the London tournament still follows this practice today.

Why are skirts required for female tennis players?

After all, female athletes are not required to wear skirts or dresses. Nothing in the Grand Slam rulebook prohibits the simple wearing of, let’s say, shorts. There are only a few requirements, as “decided by each single Grand Slam Tournament,” including “clean and generally appropriate tennis apparel.” That’s the problem.