Head Boom MP VS Boom Pro – Expert Reviews

If you feel like your current racquet is unstable and you want to play a more stable game. Then the Head Boom Pro vs Boom MP could be a perfect choice for you. You might consider a few different factors when choosing a new tennis racquet.

Maybe you’re looking for more power, or you want a racquet that feels more stable in your hand. If stability is your main concern, you might want to check out the Head Boom Pro vs Boom MP models.

Head Boom Pro VS Boom MP

Both of these racquets have been designed with stability in mind. They feature a wide frame with weight, which helps to keep the racquet head stable through contact with the ball. This results in more consistent shots and greater control over your game.

Features:Head Boom MPHead Boom Pro
Head Size:100in98in
Strung Weight:315g (11.10z)329g (1 1.60z)
Balance:5 pts HL6 pts HL
Stiffness:64 RA66 RA
Beam Width:23.5mm/24.5mm/ 23.5mm22.5mm/22.5mm/22mm
Head CPI600400
Racket Colours:Black and CoralBlack and Coral
String Pattern:16 x 1916×19

Head Boom Pro Review

The Head Boom Pro is a racquet designed for experienced players. It weighs 275 grams, making it heavier than some racquets on the market. This gives the player more power and stability when hitting the ball.

The length of the racquet is 27 inches, with a balance point of 335 millimeters from the handle. This allows the player to hit balls with more precision and control. The string pattern is 16×19, which provides a good balance of power and control.

The construction of the racquet is 100% graphite composite, making it solid and durable. The Head Boom Pro is the racquet of choice for professional tennis player Jim Courier. This racquet provides the power and control that Courier needs to win matches.

The frame is made of graphite. The strings are also made of graphite, which helps to create more power and control. The Boom Pro also features a vibration dampener, which helps to reduce vibration and fatigue. This racquet is perfect for players who need extra power and control.


This racquet is designed for experienced players who want more power and control over their shots. The racquet has a large head size that helps increase the power of your shots. While the Beam Power system provides excellent stability and control.

The racquet is also fitted with an extra-long handle. It gives you more leverage when hitting the ball, allowing you to hit harder and longer shots.

How does it work?

The secret behind its power-boosting design is the tungsten weights on the frame. These weights help to increase the speed of your swing and give you more power at contact. The racquet has a large sweet spot, easy to hit the ball, regardless of where you make contact with the string.


If you’re looking for a new grip, there are many options. Many strings, grips, and protective gear are available to improve your game. The most popular strings are synthetic gut, a durable and relatively affordable option. Polyester strings are also popular because they provide reasonable control and much power.

Some players prefer a tacky grip which helps them keep control of the ball, while a softer grip added comfort. Many types of protective gear are also available to help you stay safe while playing. Shin guards, wrist straps, and headbands can all help protect you from injuries caused by playing tennis.

  • Large Headsize
  • Appropriate Weight
  • Open String Pattern
  • Easy to Swing and Control
  • Easy to hit the Ball
  • Excellent Vibration Dampening
  • Comfortable
  • Quite Expensive

Head Boom Mp Review

The Boom Mp racquet is an impressive racquet that both beginners and experienced players can use. It is made of high-quality materials, which makes it durable. Boom Mp racquet has a weighted head that allows for better control and power when hitting the ball. The frame is also vibration-dampening, which reduces the noise produced when playing.

The racquet has a wide string bed than average, it increases the spin that can be put on the ball. The racquet is designed to help players keep control over the ball even when they are swinging hard. The Boom Mp racquet endorsed by Frank Parker, a high-quality product that offers excellent value for the price.

The racquet is well-made and durable, with a design that provides good power and control. It has a custom cover that protects the racquet and makes it easy to transport. Overall, this is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a great all-around racquet at an affordable price.


The Boom Mp racquet is designed for modern and professional players. Its frame is made of 100% carbon fiber, providing a solid feel and great power. The racquet also features a unique head shape that increases the sweet spot for more consistent shots. Finally, the Boom Mp has a comfortable grip to help you stay in control during your games.

How does it work?

If you’re looking for an intense workout, the Boom Mp might be just what you need. This unique racquet is designed to give your upper body a severe workout. The Boom Mp has two cords attached to a handle. When you swing, the cords quickly whip back and forth, providing an intense workout for your arms, shoulders, and chest.


Many different types of accessories can be used with a Boom Mp racquet. Some popular accessories include wrist straps, overgrips, and tennis balls. Wrist straps are a great accessory to use because they help to keep the racquet in your hand.

This is especially helpful if you are playing for an extended period. Overgrips are also a popular accessory because they help improve your racquet grip. Tennis balls are another popular accessory, they make practice your swings and shots without going to a tennis court.

  • Amplify your Shots
  • Great Power and Control
  • More speed and great spin
  • Beautiful Racket’s Design
  • Improve your hand-eye coordination
  • Impressive Shots
  • Seems like no cons


What distinguishes MP from professional racquets?

Due to this, the MP tennis racquet has more potential for a spin than the Pro model. Additionally, it is a little bit lighter than the Pro version. The head is a little heavier with the balance at 330.2mm, which will increase power and stability.

What does Head tennis stand for in MP?

The shaft is marked “MP,” indicating that this is the mid-plus model. My HEAD Prototype racquet has the following specifications. The head area of 100 square inches. Dimensions: 27 inches (standard) Unstrung weight is 295 grams.

Who employs a Head Boom Pro?

They are among the most reputable in the world and include among its professional talent Andy Murray, the former ATP number one, Ashleigh Barty, the WTA number one, and 20-time Slam champion Novak Djokovic. Alexander Zverev, Barbora Krejcikova, Matteo Berrettini, and Coco Gauff are more great players that use Head racquets.

What kind of racquet is the Head boom?

Due to its stiff structure, which enables you to produce power with ease, the Boom Pro has a distinct feel. However, the boom pro pockets the ball with suppleness.

Are the head boom arms comfortable?

The Boom also offers excellent ball feedback, touch, and an easy-on-the-arms feel. Players say it has superb ball pocketing and regulated power, which are great qualities in a modern player’s racquet.


The Head Boom Pro is designed for advanced players. It has a lot of power and is very accurate. The Boom Mp is designed for beginner and intermediate players. It is not as powerful as the Head Boom Pro but more forgiving.

Head  Boom MP VS  Boom Pro