Head Titanium 1000 Tennis Racquet Review

A wide range of tennis rackets are available in the market but you need to find the right one to improve your game. I was stuck in a similar situation a few months back where I could not decide on buying a tennis racket for myself. After searching for a week, I found some options and Head Titanium 1000 was at the top of the list. This tennis racket can help you improve your game and gives you a good grip. You can read all the details carefully before investing in this good-quality racket that does not break your bank account.

Head Titanium 1000 Review 2023


The first thing that I notice in a tennis racket is the design. The Head Titanium 1000 resembles a typical racket but has a hint of color. The frame is covered with yellow and black color. You can observe the name of the company on the sides as well. The design is minimal and the string pattern looks great too. You can improve your game by using this tennis racket in your daily practice sessions. It is lightweight and provides a good grip that helps in service.


As evidenced by the name, the Head Titanium 1000 is manufactured with good-quality Titanium. This adds to the durability and makes the racket stiffer. Although some people think that graphite rackets are durable, this is untrue in the case of the Titanium 1000 racket. You need to have good quality equipment for playing tennis just like all the other sports as more control and power are required during a tennis game. This racket can be a good purchase for all the beginners who need to level up and are in need of something affordable and good quality.


The build of the racket is very much important because the ball hits the racket with great force and pressure. This racket by Head has a great grip of 4 3/8 inches which is better than all the affordable rackets. The string pattern is no different than others but is strong and durable. One of the benefits of using the Head’s racket is that it can cater to all players either a beginner or at an intermediate level. This gives enough control and has a long length.

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The Head’s tennis racket itself is 27 inches long and it gives a balanced power. As mentioned above, this is lightweight equipment that weighs around 300 grams. It can be a disadvantage as you might experience some vibrations which can lead to instability during the gameplay. Although some players use vibration dampeners on this racket, entry-level players might face a little problem because they are new and unaware of such situations.

The company makes different sizes for people of all ages but the racket for adult use has a strong build. It can fulfill the requirements of intermediate players. This racket has medium-level power and an average head size of 105 square inches. The 16 x 19 strings give the player a larger sweet spot to hit the ball. This allows the player to play comfortably on the field. It is stiffer than other rackets and gives more power. The Nano Titanium technology is used in the making of this racket so you can have more control.

It also helps the strings to stay intact even when the ball is hit with great pressure or force. If you are someone who likes playing with a stiffer racket that has a nice grip, this can be your best bet. The overall design, size, and weight are ideal for entry-level player who needs to practice and improve their skills. It has a hint of yellow which makes it attractive when compared with high-end rackets that are extremely expensive. Hence this is a good option because everything from size to design and price is reasonable.


Is Head a good racket brand?

Yes, Head is a reputed brand known for manufacturing high-quality sports gear including tennis rackets. The products made under the company’s name are durable and cater to all people. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced-level player, you can get a perfect racket from their range.

What is the best Head racket?

The company makes good quality rackets but the best ones are the Head Titanium 1000 and Head Instinct MP 2022 rackets. You can use them during your practice sessions to improve your game. These are durable, high quality, and lightweight so you are comfortable while playing.

Are titanium rackets good?

In my opinion, the titanium rackets are a good option because they do not add up to the weight. The quality is up to the mark and the prices are affordable. Even if you are a beginner or an intermediate player, you can use titanium rackets because of their comfort and stability.

Is 300g heavy for a tennis racket?

No, 300g is not heavy for a tennis racket. A racket having a weight of 300 or less is considered to be lightweight and helps the player play comfortably.


A brief review of the Head Titanium 1000 racket is given in the article so you can have an idea before making a purchase decision. This racket is an affordable option that is best for all beginners. One of the advantages of using this racket is that it has a nice grip. The design of the Titanium 1000 is not very different but has the company’s logo on the frame. I hope that this article has provided you with enough information so you can decide whether to buy this racket or give it a pass.