Is Tennis A Hard Sport- For Beginners

Tennis is no doubt a fun game, but it is also true that tennis is included in one of the hardest sports because it requires proper hitting and adequate knowledge about its strategies. If you want to play tennis confidently by hitting every ball, you may find it hard, especially if you are a beginner, and to overcome this, you should practice every move of it.

If you have a good coach, you will learn it better and quickly regardless of where you are getting training. The question “is beginner tennis hard?” is a little complex because learning tennis is not only harder for the beginner, but it may be harder in other senses like strenuous physical activity.

Let’s move ahead to know more about how tennis is harder for beginners.

1- Tennis Requires a Lot of Practice

Tennis is a game that requires an accurate and precise hitting of the ball with the racket, and for a beginner, it is quite impossible to hit the ball strategically. You need consistent practice for years to become eligible to play tennis perfectly, and many people are disappointed in the beginning because they can not use the racket appropriately. So you have to invest many hours on the court to hit the swing with your racket timely. 

2- Tennis Requires Precise Timing

Another crucial point is the serve timing while playing tennis because the tennis serves does not give any margin to the player, and the player has to hit the ball at the sweet spot at an exact time; otherwise, he will miss the ball and ultimately score too.

The volley and overhead of tennis also require precise timing, but you can improve them with constant practice, especially the overhead, which is quite difficult to achieve. On the other hand, if it comes with a high speed, the volley will make the game harder, even for a skilled and expert player.

3- Tennis Needs a Positive Attitude

Tennis is a game in which the players have to participate completely with their body and mind with a positive attitude regardless of the type of tennis, whether it is single or double. Because, unlike other team sports, you cannot rely on your partner as you have to contribute equally, and both partners are responsible for what is happening on the court

Moreover, the players have to prepare themselves for all the ups and downs on the court because the situation in this game never remains constant; that is why consistent focus on the game by players with full mind attention is required. 

4- Tennis Requires Technical Skills of the Players

Tennis requires proper coaching classes and training sessions that develop the player’s technical skills and improve the already present skills in the players that assist in grooming the tennis experience.

If you are a beginner, you must hire an experienced and qualified trainer right now. Still, if you find this option expensive, you can attend online coaching sessions on the Internet or watch YouTube tutorials.

5- Tennis Requires a Higher Level of Coordination

One of the most perplexing issues for beginners is the lack of athleticism, as they are not prepared for the harder strokes, and the difficult serves on the court. If you are skilled, you still need more practice to take your game to the next level. 

But one of the most difficult to handle in tennis, especially for the beginner, is coordination because you have to coordinate all parts of your body while playing so that you can never miss a single serve. 

Some More Facts Why Tennis is Harder for Beginners

If you are a beginner, tennis could be impossible for you because a few constant shots can make you feel tired to such an extent that you have never before. You may have cramps in your legs and especially in your arms with severe pain, and you may not be able to rotate your shoulders, which may cause strain and stress with a high risk of tendinitis.

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Moreover, to chase the ball, the players have to consistently jump and move back and forth by taking several steps that enhance the heartbeat which may be very painful for some of you, so you can say tennis is highly physically demanding.

Furthermore, while you are playing tennis or getting your coaching classes to prepare yourself for competitions, you may get injuries on your arms and elbows. Continuing the rallies, you have to work very hard. If you are a beginner, you may have to practice it for hours, which might cause some health issues when you neglect your diet. Additionally, tennis demands flexibility, agility, and speed with high hand-eye coordination.

Is Tennis Harder as Compared to Other Sports?

As a beginner, tennis is one of the most challenging games. In tennis, you have to remain in criticism because your one wrong move will lead to many negative comments, but no one would be there to advise you, and a single day without practice can take you back by giving your opponent a chance to beat you.

How Long Will It Take to Learn Tennis?

Suppose you want to learn tennis to play with your family and friends. In that case, you can learn a reasonable tennis game in just a few months if you attend proper coaching classes. Still, if you want to upgrade your level, up to standard, you need to constantly work hard and practice with the accurate coordination of your mind and body with technical training from a coach that requires years.

Bottom Line

Tennis is a popular game, but one of the reasons for its popularity is that it is not for all because you have to be technically skilled and mentally active to play tennis. To confidentially face tennis challenges as a beginner, you need to prepare yourself mentally and physically because most top tennis players start taking their coaching classes very early.

No doubt this all requires a huge investment of money. Hopefully, now you have been very clear about this question: Is beginner tennis hard? Practice hard and play well!