Wilson Sublime Replacement Racket Grip – Balanced Feel

If you’re a beginner-level tennis player, did you ever realize the impact a small thing such as the tennis grip has on your playing technique? Trust us when we say, replacing a racket grip can bring sizeable progress to your game which is why we recommend going thoroughly over all your options.

But since you’re here, you might already know this. So, this means you’re here to find out if the Wilson Sublime Replacement Grip is as worthy of a contender for the best tennis grips or not. Let’s find out.

Tennis grips either offer a lot of tackiness or not at all. For people who have sweaty hands, we always suggest they should go for something that can absorb moisture and won’t let them feel discomfort during the game. However, if you don’t sweat at all and you look for maximum tac in your tennis grip then you probably should check out overgrips with added tac.

Not all players go for tacky grips because it makes them feel uncomfortable. Some players feel afraid that if their hands sweat too much while playing, they might even end up losing the racket of their hands on the court.

But lucky for us, the Wilson Sublime Racket Grip doesn’t have extreme aspects on both ends. It is neither too tacky nor too thin that it may cause discomfort. It allows the player to play comfortably, absorbs a great number of shocks, and delivers complete support on serve.

If you’re in a hurry and cannot go through the entire review, all we have to tell you is the Wilson Sublime Replacement Racket Grip is the best of the best. It can be used in a variety of situations. We all know that tennis grips aren’t very economical when purchasing so it is better to opt for something that is versatile and all the more functional.

But if you have got time, continue reading to get hold of more information.

Wilson Sublime Grip Review

Top Pick
Wilson Sublime Replacement Racket Grip


  • Provides a balanced feel
  • Amplified traction
  • Added moisture absorption
  • Item Packaged Weight: 0.04 kilograms
  • Easy to use u0026 works great
  • Made of strong material

I had to replace my tennis racket handle wrap because it’s been too long and the old one was disgusting and flaking. The wrap is easy to apply and thick enough to be comfortable. Looks great and feels great. Nothing to complain about. I’d recommend buying it if you have sweaty hands.

Wilson is among the most popular names in the sports arena that you can rely on. They offer some of the best equipment for players including high-quality tennis balls, rackets, shoes, overgrips, replacements grips, and whatnot.

We came across the Wilson Sublime Replacement Racket Grip and knew that very instant it was a model that we were going to review at some point. If you’re a tennis player, expert, or beginner, you know, either way, replacement grips are very expensive as compared to overgrips. They offer a great amount of protection and support to the players.

Though both of these grips have the same purposes, the construction quality and material used for either one of them varies. That is why would suggest going through the review of Wilson Sublime Grip keenly to make sure there is nothing left behind that you’re not aware of.

Wilson Sublime Grip Review

Breathable material

The first thing we would like to mention about the Wilson Sublime Replacement Grip is the fact that it has breathable material. This is all the surety a player needs for the not-sweating part.

So many tennis professionals, including us, look for tennis grips that don’t make us uncomfortable on the court. If the grip we are wearing cannot absorb all the sweat on our hands, it puts our entire gaming technique at risk.

Why You Should Play Tennis?

Wilson Sublime Grip will make sure to absorb all the excessive amount of sweat on your hands for you to play safely. The breathable material allows for better support and enhanced longevity.

Wilson Sublime Grip


Another important aspect we look for when buying a replacement grip is absorbency. When you play tennis, you get hit every time with more force and you have to hit back the same way.

Wilson Sublime Replacement Racket Grip

This causes direct shocks to your palm that a solid replacement grip can minimize. The Wilson Sublime Grip is the perfect choice for maximum shock absorbency, It is made out of high-quality material and is infused with enhanced thread that ensures this aspect of the grip.

Balanced tack

The selling point of the Wilson Sublime Replacement Grip is undoubtedly the balance it maintains between being tacky and thin. Though it can absorb the load’s amount of sweat which makes it a great choice for safe tennis playing.

Wilson Sublime Grip Review

It also has a sufficient amount of tack that some players look for in replacement grips. The features hi-tech contour replacement so it forms the exact shape around your hand and fits perfectly. You’re also going to love the fact that it ensures the racket doesn’t end up flying off of your hands on the court.

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With this grip on, you’re never going to lose a game and feel safer and more comfortable while playing.


  • Breathable
  • Available in different colors
  • Delivers a very balanced feel
  • Moisture-wicking


  • Slightly pricey
  • Difficult to apply

Final Verdict

As you have read, with a balanced amount of tack and absorbency, the Wilson Sublime Grip is a great option for all kinds of players. It is available in different sizes so you can easily pick one that fits you best. You should also keep in mind this grip can last for more than 16-hours straight so that allows you to play consistently while having it on.

The only aspect that lacked in the Sublime Racket Grip is it is slightly thick. Though it does connect you well to your racket for better sports technique. We still felt it wasn’t enough. The price of this grip is high so that may be a setback for some buyers but the level of functionality it offers is worth the money.

All in all, the Wilson Sublime Replacement Racket Grip is one of the best out there. it offers tons of support and has a great amount of efficiency which makes it worth buying.


What is the Wilson Sublime Replacement Racket Grip made of and does it last?

The Wilson Sublime Replacement Racket Grip is made of a non-slip gel, that provides control, and in which you don’t have to worry about slipping.

How do you make the racket grip more comfortable?

One of the most common grip failures happens when a player grips the racket too tightly. Discomfort causes your grip to loosen up and you often end up injuring the hand or wrist. Try gripping your racket like a pencil.

What is the difference between this product and a tennis racket grip?

The difference is that this racket grip has a soft and grippy surface, while a tennis racket grip only provides minimal comfort and friction.