Gamma Live Wire 16 Review -Softer Cushioned Feel

Players are professionally attracted to the grounds and sports just because of their passion. Still, the major problem in this regard is the lack of durability in the equipment that disappoints them. And when we discuss the details of the great sport tennis, you would become confused about the racquet quality.

Besides the anatomy of the racquet, the string is the main element for which the players seek the best quality to enjoy the real feel of the game.

One of the best strings is Gamma Live Wire 16; this professionally advanced string is the best partner of the head of the racquet and is a perfect source to bring the players back to the court.

GAMMA Tennis String 2023

This tennis string has multifilament series with a pearl coating that ensures durability and helps make the best contact with a higher bounce.

Besides giving the serve higher bounce Gamma Live Wire 16 gives a softer cushioned feel and will never get strain the arms of the player, and you will surely not get cramps in the shoulders and arms. This string assists in maintaining the higher and exceptional power by making it easy on the arm. The more isoelastic fibers of the string give the string more elasticity with a more unique and solid construction.

This leading-edge equipment has extra resiliency and never resists playing for longer hours so never hesitate to play tennis with Gamma Sports Live Wire 16, which has synthetic material and has its origin of manufacturing in Pittsburg, PA.

If you are interested, buy the most comfortable string to hold along with the transmitting power and extra maintenance and durability. And if you desire to rule the court with arm-friendly quality, you should read this complete review to know all about Gamma Live Wire 16!

Gamma Live Wire 16 Reviews

Key Features

Gamma Live Wire 16 Review
  • Maximum durability
  • ‎16 Gauge
  • The string is comfortable and very satisfying.
  • Love the control on the strings
  • Item is excellent and quick delivery.

Gamma Live Wire 16 is an amazing and perfect blend of quality and joy. Gamma is very famous due to the exceptional quality of the strings, and not any brand can match or beat the level of its quality. This 0.02 g weighted string has more resiliency with a live wire natural color, and the multifilament series of this string ensures durability and encourages the players to play tennis unlimitedly. 

Gamma Live Wire 16, as the name indicates, has a 16 G gauge size which is a real representation of power and control with thicker string and a crisp feel and sound if you want to rule the court by defeating your opponent player. As tennis is all about securing scores, this string, with its 16 gauge style and ‎7 x 5 x inches, helps you take your gaming experience to the next level. So what are you waiting for?

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ColorNatural (Live Wire)Suggested UsersUnisex Adult
Gauge Size16 GItem Weight0.02 grams
Gauge Style16 GDimensions7 x 5 x 1 inches
ConstructionPearl CoatingSeriesMultifilament
Length360 ft / 110 mTNT2Available

Features in Detail

  1. Live Wire Technology

Live Wire Tech is an advanced type of technology in the strings that makes them exceptionally incredible as it exposes the polymeric materials in the string with the help of a high energy gamma irradiation process that increases and accelerates the bonding between the molecules up to 25%, ultimately creating the Live Wire mono fibers. Gamma Live Wire 16 string has this amazing Live Wire technology that gives a better response.

  1. TNT2 (Second Thermal Nuclear Technology) 16 G

With solid synthetic construction, Gamma Live Wire 16 G has Second Thermal Nuclear Technology, abbreviated as TNT2, which assists in gaining more power, feel, control, and durability with ultimate softness. You will surely fall in love with its experience, especially if you are a beginner.

  1. Multi-Wrap Pearl Coating

Gamma Live Wire 16 has a multi-wrap pearl coating that ensures durability because it has more strength as compared to the others but has mono fibers, which is a blend of different materials or may consist of polyester or polyether that may confuse you a little about its reliability because they are more prone to breakage and are less comfortable to handle as compared to the multifilaments.

  1. 16 G Gauge

16 G / 1.32 mm gauge size is an ideal size for the tennis string, and Gamma Live Wire 16 has this incredible feature because this gauge size is resistant to breakage. After all, it is thicker than the other sensitive gauge size, like 17 G.

  1. Length

This naturally colored tennis string has 360 ft / 110 m long which is why it has a more responsive structure with amazing molecular structural alteration with a multicore for feel.


  • Live Wire Tech
  • Durable pearl coating
  • 16 G gauge
  • TNT2 technology
  • Dynamic resiliency


  • Customers claim that it breaks soon

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is this string perfect to use with the oversized racquet?

I have used this string with an oversized Wilson racquet, and my experience was superb. I hope you will also agree when you will try this.

Is this string more prone to breakage?

Unfortunately, yes, most people claim that the string is less resistant to breakage, and every time they hit the heavy ball, they experience this worst fact.

Is this string soft to use?

Absolutely yes, my first experience with this string was amazing, and it was ultra-soft in use with a crisp feel and extra playability.

Is this tennis string has extra control and power?

Gamma Live Wire 16 is a mediocre powerful string with average control, and it starts losing tension after a few sets of games.


If you are looking for an exceptional quality tennis string, then Gamma Live Wire 16 would be the best option for you because it has a below-average spin and high durability. You can say that it should be the preference of beginner tennis players.

It has a 16 G gauge size with a 360 ft length, which is perfect to use if you want to connect it with your oversized racquets. The mono fiber multi wrap pearl coating ensures the reliability of its material and has better control with an all-around type and comfort of use. Purchase this marvelous string and hit the court!