What is Overgrip Tennis? All You Must Know About

As you get more insight into tennis, then you will become more familiar with the hidden terms and facts about it you have never heard before. And if you are searching for a better tennis grip, you might have heard the term overgrip tennis, and this question might be confusing for you: What is overgrip tennis?

These cheap grips are not part of the tennis racket, but the players additionally use this for enhanced grip, and it is also used for the absorption of sweat during intense and long tennis sessions, and it needs to be replaced when required. If you are interested to know about the details of overgrip tennis, then scroll your screens and explore what you want.

What is Overgrip Tennis?

The first and foremost thing when you hear something new is to know what is the meaning of that term. Hence, the overgrip is a soft or padded cloth-like tape that is wrapped over the handle of the racket no matter what type of racket it is whether it may be a pickleball racket, squash racket, or a tennis racket it enhances the circumference of the handle by adding more comfort to the player every time he picks his tennis for playing. 

So here are three main types of overgrip tennis:

Tacky Grips

These nicely cushioned Overgrips are used to increase the racket grip with its stickiness. Players claim that tacky grips last longer as compared to the others.

Absorbent Overgrips

When the player plays intense gaming tennis, his palms become sweaty. He automatically loses his grip on the racket to absorb this sweat; absorbent Overgrips are used, which are available in the market from different brands. These Overgrips are also known as dry Overgrips because they are specially made to soak sweat. These grips are thin, so they need to be replaced often. 

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All Around Overgrips

These Overgrips are the mix of the first two grips because when you hold the racket wrapped with this grip, you will feel it just like the tacky grip, but it soaks the sweat like the dry overripe. All three types of Overgrips have different benefits so you can choose any of them according to your needs.

What is Overgrip Tennis

How Can You Wrap the Racket with Overgrip?

If you want to wrap the racket on your own or if you want to install or regrip the racket, then you must know the accurate method so that you can never feel uncomfortable while playing. For this, you have to start wrapping the racket from the bottom of the handle and then gradually move up towards the section between the handle and head, known as the racket’s throat.

It is mandatory to apply the finishing tape not to open when it rubs with the palm and then cut the extra edge. 

Interestingly, it is a general method as it is used for tennis rackets. This easy process can also wrap the squash, pickleball, badminton, and table tennis racket. If you still have queries about this procedure, then read a step-by-step process to change the tennis overgrip:

  • All rackets have their genuine grips, so if you are changing the grip, it means you are wrapping it over the genuine grip; that is why it is named so. 
  • When you get an overgrip, you will observe a sticky edge on one side which means it is going to be the initial point to stick it with the racket, so you have to peel off the paper at this edge. 
  • Align the sticky portion of the overgrip with the bottom portion of the racket by holding the racket in your hand if you are working with the right hand and vice versa. 
  • Do not lose the sticky edge, and hold it with your thumb so that you can wrap it easily with your right hand. 
  • As you go up towards the throat of the racket, you must make sure that the overgrip is tightly bound with the racket, and you can do this by pressing your thumb.
  • A new overgrip contains a small sticky tape you will use at the end, so you should stick the last edge of the overgrip with the racket. 

Hurrah! It’s all done!

When Should the Player Change the Tennis Overgrip?

If you purchase a branded tennis overgrip, it ensures to last up to 10-15 hours of playing time, and then the grip will start drying and giving an old look. It is a sign to change the grip, and it happens if you play tennis frequently. 

What are the Best Tennis Overgrips?

Tennis Overgrips are crucial because you cannot hold the slippery surface of the racket’s handle without them, and these grips help optimize your performance on the court. But it is also true that you will find a lot of Overgrips in the market and you may get confused about what to choose. Here are some best Overgrips enlisted that will surely help you choose while you are in the market. 

Wilson Pro is the best overall grip, Yonex’s Dry Grap is the thickest of all, Head Prime is the most comfortable to hold, Tourna Mega tack contains the nicely padded cushion and is the best tacky overgrip, Gamma Supreme Power has the highest controlling grip, Tecnifibre Pro Dry is the thinnest among all, and the Tourna Grip has high sweat absorption capacity that assists in holding the racket with the palm. So now it’s all up to you what you want to choose according to your requirement. 

Final Words 

Tennis overgrip, also known as grip tape, is significant when you want to play tennis professionally because you cannot hold the racket’s handle comfortably without this. It will become slippery when your palm starts sweating. The upper illustrated guide has explained in detail what is overgrip tennis? Now you all know the importance and the related facts about the tennis overgrip. Wrap your tennis and hit the court.