How Can You Recycle Your Old Tennis Shoes?

Tennis is a game that requires proper attire, including an accurate kit for the players, including a ball, racket, shoes, etc. So here are the tennis shoes of yours that are completely worn out, and you are about to throw them in your dustbin. Still, you have affiliations with the shoes because you have won many matches with their comfortable sole.

Now you are planning to recycle it or maybe think about what to do with old tennis shoes, and there are two common methods people adopt for their old shoes: they donate them or recycle them rather than throwing them into a landfill.

Let’s move ahead with the explanation without further ado.

Recycle Your Old Tennis Shoes

Apply Some Creativity

Creativity changes a life by adding colors with different productive ideas that attract people and help them in utilizing their old articles same is the case with old tennis shoes. You can beautifully transform your shoes into a flower pot that will ultimately enhance the beauty and worth of your garden.

If you like this idea, you should first fill the shoes with soil and sow the seeds of the plant you want to grow and water them with care, and this will be a great hobby for you.

Give Them Away to Your Friends or Online

Sometimes your friends might be waiting for your shoes to become old so that you can offer them, so if you are not interested in donating them to a charity, then giving them away to your friends would be a good option. Moreover, if you have an online social media page, you can post pictures of your shoes there to give away to your followers.

Related to Tennis Essentials

If your tennis shoes are worn out and cannot give you an advantage on the ground, then it might be possible that they mean a lot to some needy people around you. As a good deed, you can donate your pair of shoes. If they do not work for running, jogging, or playing tennis, they may help protect against the cold nights. You may browse Internet websites to find the organizations, NGOs,s and donations firms that donate the pair.

Send Your Shoes to Recycling Centre

Recycling centers like Nike Grind are working for recycling old shoes and utilize them in building tracks, basketball courts, or playgrounds. It is a very convenient method as it does not require long procedures and you have to go to any store near you and ask them to recycle your tennis shoes.

Reuse the Shoes – The Most Common Method

If your shoes are in proper shape but are not appropriate for playing, you can use them for other purposes like jogging and running or walking, go for what is feasible for you. People prefer to use such shoes when there is mud outside, and you cannot wear your brand new shoes!

Bottom Line

Tennis shoes may get out of time when you have used them for several years or months, so you might decide to buy a new one with a question in your mind: what to do with the old tennis shoes? Hopefully, this article has elaborated all the possible answers to this question. Pick your shoes and decide what should you opt for.