Tennis Vs. Badminton: Brief Comparison

A comparison between tennis vs. badminton might be helpful. The type of equipment used, the way these two sports are played, and the size of the court on which they are played varies between the two. Tennis and badminton are totally dissimilar in a variety of ways.

For instance, the racquets each of them use is distinct from the other. They each have various equipment, elements, and laws that regulate how they are played, as well as varying court sizes and settings.

Tennis Vs. Badminton

Basic of ComparisonTennisBadminton
Court Layout and SizeLarger Lower NetSmaller Higher Net
EquipmentHeavier Rackets Felt covered ball Tennis ShoesLighter Racket Shuttlecock Badminton shoes
FootworkRunning Abrupt starts and stopLunges and Jumps
Matching MeansWins on the player in the lead with 2 or more pointsThe First 2 win 21 points
Scoring MeansUses a love scoring system of 15’30’ 40 and game.Uses a numerical system of 1’2’3 and so on.

Tennis and badminton both have a number of similarities; hence the two sports are frequently compared. Both sports use a racquet and take place on a court that is separated into two halves by a net.

However, there are a number of significant distinctions between the two sports, and understanding them might help you decide which could be a better choice for you. Tennis employs a fuzzy yellow-green ball as its main object, whereas badminton uses a plastic object called a shuttlecock (or “birdie”).

Both games require players to use racquets. Both games support “doubles” or two-on-two competitions as well as an individual contest if you prefer to play one-on-one. The badminton court is smaller than the tennis court.

The badminton court is 20 feet by 44 feet, but this one is 36 feet by 78 feet. The tennis racquets are significantly heavier and bigger than those used in badminton games. A badminton racquet has a head that is significantly smaller and narrower all around.

It weighs roughly 100g as opposed to a tennis racquet’s 350g weight. Each of these sports has a particular style of play. Tennis players can control the ball in a wide variety of ways by employing various racquet spins. Conversely, badminton players try to miss every shot they take.

Which Sport Is Difficult?

Answering this is so challenging. Both badminton and tennis need a lot of physical effort. Although a tennis court is larger, there is a greater gap between each game and point. It flows much better in badminton. Tennis matches, though, are typically longer, particularly when played in a best of five-set formats at Grand Slam competitions.

Tennis is therefore perhaps slightly more difficult in terms of endurance and stamina. The 2010 Wimbledon match between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut lasted more than 11 hours! However, you could undoubtedly claim that badminton is tougher in terms of reflexes and agility. You have less time to respond to your opponent’s shot because it is a speedier sport.

Badminton vs Tennis

Who Is Eligible to Play Tennis and Badminton?

The best thing about tennis and badminton is that everyone who can move around the court and carry a racquet may participate in the game. For players at home, this makes these sports fantastic. If a player wishes to play tennis or badminton professionally, there are restrictions on who can compete.

Tennis competitions include the same five categories as Badminton competitions as well as a few extras, such as wheelchair categories and categories for three players.

Does Badminton Allow Tennis Players to Play?

There may be some advantages for tennis players to playing badminton, especially in terms of developing overhead shots and court awareness. But unlike tennis, shooting involves a very distinct motion.

Tennis uses the entire arm, but badminton places a greater emphasis on the wrist. Playing sports at different seasons of the year is generally preferable to doing so on the go, i.e., playing badminton in the winter and tennis in the summer. Injuries are less likely to happen this way.

Court Dimensions and Layout

In comparison to badminton courts, which are 44 feet long and 20 feet wide, tennis courts are 78 feet long and 36 feet wide. A typical badminton court is approximately half the size of a tennis court. Both of the games have different nets as well. The net on a tennis court is 36 inches above the ground, while the badminton net is 60 inches above the ground.

Court Dimensions and Layout


Each game requires a different set of supplies. Racquets for tennis must weigh between 250 and 360 grams. Racquets used in badminton typically weigh less than 100 grams. Badminton employs a shuttlecock, whereas tennis uses a hard-felt ball.

The footwear needed for each game at professional competitions like the Olympics varies as well. While badminton has a list of recommended footwear, tennis has a list of permitted tennis shoes.


The two games’ footwork patterns are different; badminton patterns call for greater lunges and hops. Tennis demands greater jogging and sudden starts and stops.

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Comparing Means

When tennis is played per the rules, the team or opponent with the better three-set record wins. The player or pair of players who wins six games in a row with a margin of two or more wins the set.

A player must also score 4 points and hold a 2-point or larger advantage in the game in order to be declared the winner. In badminton, the game is won by the player or team that scores twenty-one points first.

Result Means

Tennis uses the following point categories for scoring: love, 15′, 30′, 40′, and game. Tied games can be decided by playing additional rounds until a player scores two points in a row, or by playing just one round to determine the winner.

On either side, badminton uses a love 1′ 2′ 3′ scoring system. At twenty points, if the score is tied, the game continues until a winner with a 2-point margin of victory is determined. After 29 points, if the score is still tied, another round is played to determine the winner.

Devices and Gears

The equipment used in badminton and tennis is one of their most obvious parallels. Nets and racquets are the main pieces of equipment for both of these sports. Tennis racquets are heavier than badminton racquets, which is the difference.

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A badminton racquet weighs between 100 and 255 grams, but a tennis racquet weighs between 255 and 368 grams. The net used in badminton is shorter than the net used in tennis. While the net for badminton is installed hanging and the net for tennis is installed hanging down to touch the court floor.


When comparing badminton with tennis, one of the most crucial aspects to consider is time. However, there are many various ways to measure time, and this is also true in sports. We will discuss average rally length, average set length, and average match length in this section.

Should I play tennis or badminton?

Tennis Vs. Badminton

Depending on what you’re searching for, both badminton and tennis are excellent sports in their own right. Each sport puts a player’s strategy, physical preparedness, and technique to the test, but does so in a totally different way.

Tennis has far more horizontal movement, whereas badminton has much more jumping and vertical movement. Tennis requires stronger arm strength, whereas badminton demands more forearm strength.

Tennis racquet movements are broad and expansive, whereas badminton racquet actions are quicker and more nuanced. Despite the fact that I may be biased in favor of badminton, I advise trying both games to see which you prefer.


Is tennis simpler than badminton?

When comparing the many aspects of each sport, we discover that Badminton is far more physically demanding in terms of speed, agility, and explosive force. In addition, there are many more different strokes in badminton than there are in tennis, so there is more to learn.

Which sport is more popular, tennis or badminton?

Tennis seems to be “more popular” than badminton, primarily due to increased media attention. When covering a match including Federer, Nadal, or Djokovic, television networks go bonkers. In light of the media’s response, it would seem that tennis is a popular sport. Compared to badminton, tennis has far larger prize money.

Why isn’t badminton more well-liked?

Lack of media attention, a smaller player base, the inability to earn much money as an athlete, the presence of famous, relatable players, the rarity of success in the sport at the highest level, and the cultural history of sports in the US all contribute to badminton’s lack of popularity in the US.