Wilson EZ Tennis Net Reviews – Best Choice for Game

Tennis racquets, balls, and shuttles are the main components of the tennis game. However, the game is incomplete without a tennis net. Two players cannot cross a line provided by a tennis net to win the match. Wilson EZ is the ideal choice if you’re looking for an 18-foot-long tennis net.

Wilson EZ tennis net reviews help you to understand completely about it. A friend of mine recommends me the Wilson EZ tennis net.

Wilson EZ Tennis Net Review in 2023

I desire an affordable net with additional specifications like Edward LS30. Wilson EZ net is a flexible net much like Edward LS30. It is feasible to establish a tennis court in your backyard thanks to the EZ Tennis Net.

This net is 18 feet long, simple to set up, and comes with a carrying box for convenience. This net is excellent for beginners, but it also helps experienced players practice depth drills. Players can use EZ Court Lines to acquire a full tennis court setup.

Product Description

  • Perfect for young tennis beginners aged 10 and under
  • Simple to erect and take down
  • USTA 10 and Under Tennis approved
  • Adjustable and quickly rises to the height of a badminton net
  • Suitable for depth drills
  • Models of 10 and 18 feet are available.
  • Net, poles, and carrying cases are included for simple portability.

Setting up a tiny tennis court is simple with this 18′ tennis net’s variety of uses. For experienced players to use as a training tool for depth exercises, this works fantastically.

ColorBlack, Red
Grip SizeArray
Dimensions5.12 x 7.87 x 40.55 inches
Size18 feet

You can use this big net to give your entire class a chance to practice their over-the-net strokes and volleys. Anywhere there is room, quickly set it up. This portable tennis net system is a wonderful purchase for any PE or leisure program. Because it is long-lasting and designed for institutional usage by novices.

Quick Setup And Takedown

This net is set up in a matter of seconds, giving classes of pupils plenty of time to practice. Without using tools, frame pieces lock into place. Simply connect the pieces, position them upright, and begin the action.

Takedown is as simple. The net is taped on all four sides and has sleeves that easily slip off to allow for rolling. From there, everything conveniently fits into a storage bag that is supplied for both storage and transportation.

Increase Your Space

No courts specifically for tennis? No issue! This 18’L net is set up anywhere there is space for it, allowing you to make creative use of your available area. Use with students 10 years of age and below is advised.

Durable And Non-Marring

Rubberized cushions are placed into sturdy steel construction to guard against damage to gym flooring while in use. Additionally, when a stray ball or racquet strikes the net, pads keep it firmly in place. You may use this portable net both inside and outside without worrying that the weather will damage it.


What size tennis net is ideal?

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) established the standard tennis net specifications. These are 1.07 meters high at the posts and 0.914 meters high in the center, and 12.8 meters in width between the posts.

What height should the net be placed?

The men’s net height is set at 7 feet, 11 5/8 inches (nearly 8′ 0″), per the regulations for indoor courts. The net is set at seven feet four and a half inches (7′ 4 1/8″) for the women.

Why the tennis net is middle lower?

It is impossible to reasonably apply enough stress to the net cord or metal cable to make it straight across the court.

Tennis nets last how long?

New nets are purchased annually for your highest-profile (most played-on) courts, and then those nets should be rotated to the courts that are not used as much in year two.

Tennis net posts are spaced apart how far?

Place the footings for the tennis posts three feet outside the court on each side. For doubles courts, posts should be placed 42′ apart (measured center-to-center), or 33′ apart for singles courts.

How high is the kids’ tennis net?

Three-meter and six-meter mini nets are used on the small and large Red Courts, respectively. There are 80 cm high nets here.