Walker Glides vs Tennis Balls

Tennis balls are frequently placed on walkers by users to make it easier to see the legs and prevent falling or tripping. Walker coasters are a safer, more hygienic substitute. Walker Coasters’ mobility aids glide over surfaces unlike tennis balls, which tend to snag, especially on hard surfaces like concrete. Thus, we can clearly distinguish between walker glides vs. tennis balls.

Walker Glides also shed water and extra debris when tennis balls only collect debris. Walkers come in your option of 2 vibrant colors: white and tennis ball yellow, and have a sizable surface area composed of smooth, long-lasting plastic.

They may be installed without using any equipment and fit standard 1 walker tubing, 1-1/2 in. high x 2-1/2 in. wide. Produced in the USA, the tennis ball yellow is the color.

Difference Between Walker Glides vs Tennis Balls

You probably think of ordinary walkers with a straightforward aluminum frame and tennis balls on the foot when you think of walkers. To make their walkers slide over the ground more smoothly and to make the ends of the legs more visible, many people put tennis balls on the legs of their walkers.

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But are they the greatest choice for the feet of your walker? Or are there other, superior options? Read on to discover the benefits and drawbacks of walker glides and tennis balls.

Best Glides vs Tennis Balls

These tiny plastic attachments, also known as ski glides and ski gliders, snap straight onto the legs of your walker and offer a smoother surface for simpler mobility. These attachments are ski-shaped and designed to help your walker glide across smooth surfaces, as you can undoubtedly infer from their name.

  1. NOVA Medical Products Walker Glide
  2. RMS Walker Glide Balls
  3. Sneaker Walker Glides
  4. Health Smart Walker Ski Glides
  5. Walker Coasters

1NOVA Medical Products Walker Glide

Products by NOVA Medical When using their walker, people with mild to moderate mobility difficulties can travel more quickly thanks to Walker Glide Skis. Due to the gliding flexibility they provide, these are not recommended for people with significant mobility limits.

When using your walker, these skis provide increased stability to lessen the chance of falling. They may be used on practically any surface because of the nylon substance. Without needing any tools, you may mount them on any style of walker with the appropriate leg diameter.

They are perfect for seniors who find it difficult to bend over for cleaning because you don’t have to take the tips off to clean them. They don’t even pick up dirt or pathogens from the ground.


  • Perfect for people who want to move their walker more quickly
  • Even for people with weak upper body strength installs without difficulty
  • Effortlessly glides over most surface types
  • They don’t “chatter” like the normal circular walkers’ foot


  • With continual use of paving stones, they could degrade too quickly.
  • The walker might sway excessively.

2RMS Walker Glide Balls

Seniors can move more quickly and easily across indoor surfaces thanks to the RMS Walker Glide Balls. They don’t seem excessively slick, giving you stability while you use your walker. These balls can be put on all four of the walker’s legs without causing the walker to slide around too much.

Even if you support more than half of your body weight with your walker, these balls won’t scratch wood flooring. On most indoor floor surfaces, they speed up movement, but they may become stuck on concrete and other similar outside surfaces.

The balls need to be squeezed during installation. People with weak hands or arthritis might need assistance attaching the balls firmly to their walker’s legs. Once they are on your walker, though, they stay in place.


  • In each pack, there are two balls.
  • The balls are pre-cut to lower the possibility of harm when using a walker to hold them.
  • For maximum mobility on most surface types, they glide effortlessly.


  • These degrade more quickly on concrete

3- Sneaker Walker Glides

For walker customization, the Sneaker Walker Glides for One-Inch Walker Tubes are offered in three colors. They fit easily inside the bottom of the walker’s legs thanks to the flexible connection mechanism. They do not cover the original walker feet; instead, they serve to replace them.

The finest surfaces for these slides are the inside. On thick carpeting, though, they could snag on the fibers and become immobile. As long as the surface is not too uneven or porous, they enable smooth mobility on outdoor surfaces.

Seniors who require various levels of movement should use these slides. They make it possible to move more quickly, but for people with severe mobility issues, they also offer stability to stop your walker from slipping out from beneath you.


  • They can be cleaned without being removed.
  • You don’t need any tools to install them.
  • Since the ground is slick, moving quickly is possible.


  • The slides’ tips could catch on entrances or thresholds.

4- Health Smart Ski Walker Glides

A Phillips head screwdriver is used to rapidly attach the HealthSmart Walker Ski Glides. To make sure the screw that secures the glides into place is secure, elderly people with arthritis or weak hands may need assistance. Both indoor and outdoor surfaces are compatible with these glides. They can be used in conjunction with wheels or rubber tips on the front walker legs.

Seniors won’t have to elevate their walkers to traverse low thresholds or doorways, increasing walking safety. They lessen friction caused by any rubber tips on the front of the walker as well. Those with weak upper body strength can use this function with ease. Since the skis glide easily, you may perform turns without lifting your walker or frequently changing your walking posture.


  • For seniors, these are FSA-eligible
  • On the majority of interior floor surfaces, they move fluidly
  • They are simple to install thanks to a single screw that tightens them


  • Regular use may cause the glides to loosen
  • They might not wear evenly

5Walker Coasters

Seniors with mild to severe mobility issues should use Walker Coasters. People who demand great stability could be too slippery. They may be used with any style of a walker and can even take the place of wheels thanks to their footpad design. These can be used in outdoor spaces with bumps and cracks without the coasters getting caught.

Additionally, they easily cross indoor thresholds and entrances. Since they are resistant to dirt and bacteria, these coasters are perfect for seniors who are unable to regularly clean the feet of their walkers. When used on damp surfaces, they also dry fast, lowering the possibility of slipping and falling. While you are using your walker, this kind of caster does not turn to the side. They slide in all directions, making movement simpler and interruption-free.


  • Without using any tools, they just fit in.
  • At night, their vivid color makes them simple to see.
  • Due to the O-ring, they are tightly held in place even in frigid temperatures.


  • These glides could snag on carpeting or grass.

Buying Guide

To guarantee maximum movement, selecting the appropriate glides or wheels for walkers is essential. Seniors should take into account several aspects before choosing a product.

Details About Walker and His Environment

You must be familiar with the specifics of your walker. To verify that the wheels or slides you choose will fit the legs, measure their diameter. Think about your general strength. You should look for lightweight wheels and slides if your present walker cannot support any more weight to prevent them from restricting your mobility. Additionally, think about where you’ll use your walker.

Types Of Walker Glides

You can easily move your walker about thanks to the glides. Your movement may be improved by this talent, giving you more freedom.

Glides For Tennis Ball

Similar to tennis balls, these glides often last longer than plastic guides. If the tennis ball is pre-cut, ensure to check it before considering your options. If not, making the right cuts will take some hand strength and steadiness.

Sneaker Glides

You can customize your walker by using this sort of glide, which resembles a pair of sneakers. You won’t have to worry about hand strength to put them into position because they are normally installed without the need for any tools. Over most surface types, they typically glide.

Composite Glides

This kind of glide is frequently very light, making it a wonderful option for elderly people with weak muscles. Since the tips are often made of rubber, moving around won’t cause friction or your walker to become stuck on surfaces.


What function do the walker glides serve?

They glide across different surfaces quite easily because they are glides, which aids in motion and mobility, but the walker may slide more than you would want when used as a support for standing and stability. When using them for the first time, use caution.

What can I do to make my walker move more smoothly?

To make their walkers slide over the ground more smoothly and to make the ends of the legs more visible, many people put tennis balls on the legs of their walkers.

What are ski-glides for walkers?

Drive Medical’s Walker Glide Skis are designed to be used with all 1″ folding walkers and offer a smooth ride over the majority of surfaces. The majority of walkers may easily be upgraded with a sturdy, composite structure, which guarantees long life.

Walker glides are they superior to tennis balls?

Tennis balls are frequently placed on walkers to make it easier to see the legs and prevent falling or tripping. Walker coasters are a safer, more hygienic substitute. Walker Coasters’ mobility aids glide over surfaces unlike tennis balls, which tend to snag, especially on hard surfaces like concrete.

How To Put Tennis Balls On A Walker