Head Radical Vs Speed – Which should you choose? [2023]

Are you tired of being consistently at disadvantage in tennis matches? Or do you want a deluxe quality racket because you are not getting the results you desire for? Well, it is time to root out these problems and become the one you ever wanted with the two idiosyncratic rackets the Head radical and the Speed model. They are designed to stay on the court like a tennis beast and dominate the field like a warrior.

But the essential problem people often face while choosing one of these rackets is which one is the best. The answer to this problem is unfathomable, therefore one needs to know the details about each one of them. Let’s discover the dimensions of these rackets thoroughly and conclude the winner.

Head Radical Vs. Speed

Using the local tennis bat can help you to get to know the baseline of tennis. But if you want to pursue tennis as your career or wish to become a well-known tennis player on a domestic level, you should use premium-grade rackets. They are hugely different from those local class bats as they are lightweight, provide more stability and are simple to control, and provide powerful deliveries.

As a tennis player, I can understand your problem when it comes to rackets. You are certainly flummoxed regarding the choice. Don’t be ashamed, it happens to everyone. All you need is a comprehensive guide to know your type of racket. I will answer the questions like how was my experience and why I recommend a particular racket. Let’s dig in!

Why I Order And Why I Decided To Buy?

The reason is obvious: I wanted to become an advanced tennis player. However, I was good at tennis in the beginning but I did not know about the premium and best-in-class versions of the tennis bats. After putting in effort for almost a year, I realized that the racket I am using is not made for me. Actually, that racket was for the people who take tennis for recreational purposes.

Moving on further, I started facing problems with counters, attacks, and while spinning and controlling the ball. I tried to solve the problem by taking expert advice but it did not work because he was suggesting I change my posture during the game. As an adrenaline junkie, I like to play tennis in a fast and powerful mode. Therefore, I always needed to stay ready to counter the bounces.

But my previous local bat was not much more efficient to move faster by cutting the air and responding to such bounces. Therefore, I decided to search for the best. After struggling for more than a month, I came to know about the Head Radical and my trainer recommended that I should use it. On the other hand, my fellows were insisting on purchasing the Speed version. According to them, it is far better than the Head Radical.

Instead of initiating a conflict with my trainer and fellows, I purchased both of these rackets and planned to test each of them one by one. That’s why I ordered and decided to buy the Head Radical and Speed. To be truthful, it was difficult to understand how these rackets work at first. But over time, I learned to tackle them and now they are my favorite.

What do We expect When I Receive The Delivery?

The package arrived on the mentioned days, both rackets came in separate boxes. I was expecting the bright shaft, heavyweight, bigger than normal size rackets. I thought that the rackets would look slightly different from the normal tennis bats as they are the premium versions. As I unboxed the Head Speed, there was a frame in the box wrapped in a bubble plastic cover.

I took it out and felt that the frame is stronger than the traditional rackets. However, I strung the Head Speed and now it was looking like a masterpiece, the racket had something which the traditional bats do not possess. Then I moved towards the Head Radical, the packaging was similar and after uncovering it, I strung the tennis bat. Its head was slightly bigger than the previous one and had a thick grip.

I was expecting a standard delivery but it was better than the normal ones. Plus, the rackets I imagined were a bit heavier but the branded ones were lightweight like smoke. However, I received delivery on time, everything was fine and there was no damage. The rackets met my expectations and had next-level looks.

What Are My Reviews After Using The Products?

Both objects are manufactured by the same brand but they have significant differences. In more appropriate words, one is for particular purposes and the other is perfect for a certain kind of gaming. When I brought them, I started testing the Head Speed and then Radical. The Speed version is great in terms of maneuvering. The slight difference in the weight of the rackets produces unexpected results.

The Head Speed is about 295g to 315g on the other hand, the second model is about 285g to 300g. Because the Speed is a bit heavier, it provides more stability and control. I was able to tackle the game better because now it was far more effortless to manage the ball. But the problem started occurring when I was required to spin the ball as it is a little heavy, and I couldn’t move the racket at a fast pace. As a result, it was hard for me to provide a quick response.

Furthermore, it was hard to stand against the vibration while playing with the Head Speed. But as I started playing with the Head Radical, it solved my problem. The racket is designed to absorb vibration and heavy impacts, therefore, playing with the Head Radical is easy as compared to its competitor.

The third major difference I felt was the intensity of power. Head Radical is lighter, it has a thick grip and its strings are more open as compared to the Head Speed. In my experience, it was fun to play with Head Radical because it is more powerful and provides fast deliveries. In contrast, the Head Speed is perfect for tennis tricks.

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

To be honest, both rackets are exceptional and it is hard to claim one is best whereas the other is better. According to my experience, the Head Radical is suitable for beginners as it is lightweight and generates more power. Plus, if you are a power-hungry tennis player and like to play harsh gaming, you should prefer the Head Radical. I will recommend this racket to beginners because of its speed and power.

Conversely, the Head Speed is an excellent choice for advanced players, the tennis bat provides more control and allows users to maneuver confidently. Head Speed has problems with vibration control but advanced players are efficient enough to manage the racket. I suggest this tennis bat to the advanced and intermediate players because they need to play more tricky shots.


Is Head Radical a good tennis racket?

Yes, it is not only good but one of the best tennis rackets. In terms of weight, vibration control, design, and string pattern, everything is outstanding.

What tennis pros use Head Radical?

Multiple professional players use this tennis bat in which the prominent ones are Andy Murray and Sloane Stephens.


Tennis is a battle and the rackets are the arsenal of this battle, if you use best-in-class rackets, there are more chances for you to win the game. In case the arsenals are not good enough to counter the opponent, you will certainly lose the game. In light of this, you should always pick the tennis object according to your gaming style and skill level. I hope you find this guide helpful to pick up a tennis racket for the next match.