Best Tennis Racquet For One Handed Backhand

Are you trying to find the best tennis racquet for a one-handed backhand? Reach, fluidity, agility, topspin, and less predictability in your slices make using a one-handed backhand grip advantageous.

Many of the finest tennis players, like Roger Federer and Steffi Graf, are mastered this move. There are therefore a ton of technical justifications for you to do so. Like everything else in tennis, it depends on the individual and on what other players think. Nevertheless, I also mention my racquet reviews and experiences.

Best Tennis Racquet For One Handed Backhand

One-handed backhand racquets are easier to control than two-handed backhand racquets. They are operated with just one hand and provide more room for longer swings, greater reach, and simpler strikes.

They also offer natural flexibility and faster whipping at the ball back. There is no such thing as the “best tennis racquet,” although I’ll offer some particular tennis racquet recommendations. It is simple to label products in some categories as the “best,” but tennis racquets are not among them.

1: Yonex EZONE 98 Tennis Racquet Review

Nick Kyrgios is a supporter of Yonex’s newest EZONE 98 tennis racquet, which is brand-new for 2023. Of course, his specifications are slightly different from the retail model. But it is undeniably the type of frame that is best for his style of play.

It is a big sweet spot, with plenty of power, and a fantastic feel. It is one of the most user-friendly player’s tennis racquets available and fits a variety of game types. I am aware that it is not the classic “players” frame. It is relatively light and does require the proper string configuration to maintain control.

Even though I was a huge fan of the DR 98 and the 2020 6th generation model. I feel like I play well with it almost right away, which is not the case with many racquets. As I play a fairly flat game, I tend to favor heavier, control-style frames. I have good power right away with the Yonex EZONE 98 2022.

My serves are hitting the net with strong pop, and at the net. It maintained the superb playability and performance of the previous DR and AI models while offering stability. My serves are landing with good pop, and the area around the net provided a stable feeling.


  • A fantastic blend of force and accuracy
  • All of Yonex’s racquets are subject to stringent quality assurance.
  • Feels incredibly secure on the internet
  • The ideal racquet for contemporary tennis players


  • It is not user-friendly for some players.

2: Wilson Pro Staff 97 V13 Review

Wilson Pro Staff 97 V13

Tennis great Roger Federer likes to play using Wilson racquets. Therefore, there is no need to dispute this brand’s value. Federer’s Pro Staff RF97 Autograph has been improved and made lighter with the Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13.

The Wilson Pro Staff series racquet is laudable because of its new design and improved functionality. This piece of graphite and aramid measures 10 by 1.5 by 27 inches and weighs about 315 grams. Its grip is 4 1/2 inches long, and its head is 97 square inches in size.

Wilson Pro Staff 97 V13

The end cap’s ergonomic design makes it easier to hold the lower part of the racquet. Pro players dominate with a lightweight racquet with a flat 21.5 mm beam that makes whipping simple. It arrives pre-strung despite the manufacturer’s claim that it comes unstrung, which is unexpected. The racquet’s materials also make it durable under various conditions.


  • Greater feel and precision
  • Denser string design
  • It rewards serious power and accurate shots


  • It provides a bit less thrust, this racquet is not recommended for players at the starting level.

3: Babolat Pure Aero 2019 Review

babolat pure aero 2019 review

Rafael Nadal popularized the Babolat Pure Aero 2019 and it certainly holds up quite well. The topspin of this tennis racket is without a doubt its most significant feature. When I used it, the racquet’s mid-weight and aero modular beam construction.

babolat pure aero 2019 review

It made it simpler for me to gather up speed and effortlessly produce topspin. However, the Babolat Pure Aero is notable for more than just its topspin. It shines at the baseline while feeling quite comfortable thanks to its high power output and readily available topspin.

It connected with the arm well and provided the right amount of support. However, as I moved to the net, the Babolat Pure Aero’s stiffer frame. The racquet’s power drives me to focus more than normal, which is the one drawback I can attribute to it.

babolat pure aero 2019 review

Although the Babolat Pure Areo’s 2019 version’s stiffness has been marginally lowered. It helps make it more comfortable, but the majority of its stiffness is still present. The best tennis racquet overall for intermediate and advanced players is this one.


  • Topspin
  • Groundstrokes
  • Power


  • Stiffness

4: Wilson Blade 98 18×20 V8 Review

wilson blade 98 18x20 v8 review

Due to the flexibility, and control the Blade 98 delivers, often used frames at the upper recreational and professional levels. The Wilson Blade 98 V8 is the most recent model in the Blade line, released in 2021.

The FortyFive technology is a FlexFeel that is akin to the technology seen in the much-discussed Wilson Clash line. The Blade 98 V7 is included in my list of the top tennis racquets available in 2023. I believe the upgraded V8 is an improvement and will appeal to more players.

wilson blade 98 18x20 v8 review

I thoroughly enjoyed playing the Wilson Blade 98 in both the 18 x 20 and 16 x 19 string configurations. Although I liked the V7, I never used it as my primary racquet. The V8 is a little stiffer, easier to swing, and maneuverable than the V7, I play better tennis with it.

wilson blade 98 18x20 v8 review

You probably don’t enjoy the Blade v8 if you favor the Blade v7’s bigger mass, plushness, and plow-through. If you want something with some of the Blade lines over the past ten years, quicker through the air, responsive, and easier to swing than the v7.


  • The power that is manageable and feels smooth
  • Excellent net stability
  • Quickly through the air


  • If you have trouble producing force on serves, this racquet is not for you.

5: Head Prestige Pro 2021 Review

head prestige pro 2021 review

Players who desire feedback and precision have traditionally turned to Head’s Prestige line of racquets. It is used as the most popular racquet on the ATP Tour. Even though it lost some of its prestige due to a lack of well-known players endorsing it.

There are no better options for an advanced player’s frame. The Head Prestige Pro 2021, which succeeds the MP Prestige from 2019, is my favorite of the new Prestige racquets. Hit a flatter ball with longer strokes, the Prestige Pro’s 18 x 20 pattern is ideal for your game.

head prestige pro 2021 review

The Prestige Pro is of 18 x 20 string pattern racquet that I began to enjoy in 2021. Playing with this racquet is incredibly satisfying when your game is “on.” Make sure this racquet is the kind of frame that is ideal for players who are physically fit. It has a sound technique and plays frequently.

head prestige pro 2021 review

For those who might find the weight difficult to manage or who feel that this racquet is a little too technical. I’ll suggest the Prestige MP L, which is a little more forgiving. I choose to play tennis that wins matches rather than just feels good for 10 minutes when everything in my game is clicking.


  • Knife-like accuracy
  • Perfect for experienced players
  • Snazzy cosmetics


  • You must set your speed.

6: ProKennex Ki Q+ Pro Review

prokennex ki q+ 15 review

One of the less well-known racquet manufacturers is Pro Kennex, but they produce some excellent frames. My favorite is the Ki Q+15 Pro. The majority of the tennis racquets on my list of the best are more conventional “players'” style racquets.

The Ki Q+15 Pro is a more forgiving frame that provides a ton of stability and power. This frame feels stable when touched and has a substantial 335 swing weight. With a length of 27.5 inches, more difficult to swing than the other tennis racquets on this list.

prokennex ki q+ 15 review

But this frame is unrivaled for generating power and changing pace. Although I don’t have any arm problems, the Ki Q+ 15 is quite pleasant to strike with. With this racquet, I particularly enjoyed serving. It gives me a ton of free power, and it’s an amazing difference a 27.5-inch racquet can make when serving.

It is a little more leverage, and thanks to this racquet’s power-friendly swing weight specifications, you can bomb down the first serve. The general belief is that more flexible racquets are better for your arms.

prokennex ki q+ 15 review

But Pro Kennex bucks the norm by making some of the most comfortable, firm frames on the market. This is possible due to their Kinetic Quadfocus Technology, which uses a moveable mass in the racquet’s head. This technology provides resistance to shock, vibration, and racquet torque.


  • Friendly to arms
  • Incredibly stable
  • Simple Power


  • Some gamers find it too powerful.

Buying Guide

It’s harder than you believe to begin using the one-handed backhand grip in tennis. It takes a lot of power, technique, and most importantly, practice to master this hold. To control this grip simply, there are a few things you should think about and pay particular attention to it.

Grip Size

Different Overgrip sizes for tennis racquets result in a variety of handle thicknesses. Selecting the proper grip size for your tennis racquet avoids injuries, adopting bad stances, and enjoying your game more. Choose the one that is appropriate for you because what constitutes the “correct” size mostly depends on personal preference.


Additionally, pay particular attention to the racquet’s weight. It will be more difficult for you to use the racquet if it is too hefty for you. It is harder to manage and regulate, even making you more prone to harm.

When choosing a racquet that is light enough for you to swing with ease and adequate control. Normally, racquets are weighed with the strings attached, but if they aren’t. You should aware that once strung, they add around 0.6 ounces (18 grams) to the total weight.


Selecting the proper tennis racquet length is also crucial. The normal 27-inch length is the best for a one-handed grip and is simple to locate. The length of the racquet is an important consideration. Longer racquets are difficult for you to control and shorter racquets have a smaller sweet spot.

Head Size

The tennis racquet’s head size should be your final point of consideration. The region for the strings is sized according to the head size. Greater heads have larger string areas, which makes it easier to hit the ball more frequently. Another thing to think about is that larger head diameters help produce more power.

A bigger head size is what you need to increase the strength of your swings. Aim for a head size between 95 and 98 inches, and you’ll notice immediate improvements in your performance. We usually advise testing out the racquet yourself first, even if specifications are important and simple to get lost in.


How effective is a one-handed backhand?

The single-handed backhand is effective for certain players. The double-handed backhand is effective for others, as shown on the professional circuit. It all depends on how comfortable you feel.

Is Federer a one-handed backhand player?

To remove the opponent’s racquet and create errors, Federer uses his razor-sharp serve and savage forehand. Federer’s single-handed backhand, however, underestimated, is arguably one of his most effective shots.

Is a backhand played with one hand a disadvantage?

Due to the complexity, power, and control necessary in the hand. Which children typically do not possess at a young age, learning the single-handed backhand is extremely challenging for children.

Is the backhand with one hand harder?

Your timing is almost precise; there is little tolerance for error because the one-handed backhand requires a longer backswing. It’s more difficult when using a one-hander if you are off-balance or trying to make up for a bad bounce.


A thorough explanation of how to select the ideal tennis racquet for your style of play. The information above is based on my personal experience of purchasing, testing, and assisting others in choosing a tennis racquet. Your individual experiences vary. Putting aside everything, the most crucial factor in purchasing a new racquet is your liking for it. Your personal experience with the racquet, how it performs, and how it looks.