Learn How to Play Tennis – Beginner’s Guide 2023

Tennis is considered the fourth most popular sport in the world. Next to soccer, basketball, and cricket in terms of global popularity, tennis has an estimated 1 billion fans and is considered one of the most popular sports in the world. Cricket is famous in India and basketball is popular in the United States, but there are tennis fans all over the world.

In addition, the four Grand Slams are one of the most popular sporting events in the world, with attendance increasing each year. Tennis is also one of the most popular sports in the world with millions of players. According to the 2019 ITF (International Tennis Federation) report, there are approximately 87 million active tennis players worldwide.

Tennis is a very demanding sport and all muscle groups in the body need to work together for a long period of time. You are either a beginner or an experienced player. Tennis is also a challenging game, where players need to react quickly and choose the best move to score points. The more you practice the basics of tennis, the more you can improve your tennis skills and improve your game significantly.

How to Play Tennis?

Learn How to Play Tennis

Decide Who Serve First

Use a coin toss or racquet spin to determine who should serve first. Because the tennis serve gives the player serving an additional benefit, it’s only reasonable to let chance decide who gets to. Once you’ve decided who will serve, the player has only two chances to get the ball in. It is called a fault if they hit it out, into the net, or stand on the line when serving. If you miss your second serve, you’ll receive a double violation and lose the point.

Alternate Serving

Each game begins with the first service on the right side of the court, popularly known as the “deuce side.” The next point comes from the “ad court” (short for “advantage”) on the left side. Serve sides should be switched and you should never service from the same side twice in a row if you’re doing a second serve.

Playing Side on Odd Games

A fair game requires equal playing circumstances for all players, which is particularly true for outdoor courts. When playing tennis, the sunlight can be a big variable, and particular sides of the court may be more impacted than others. The players switch sides when the total of the games is an odd number (for example, 1-0, 3-2, 5-0, etc.). This means that after the first game, the players will still switch, and every two games after that.

Why Play Tennis?

Tennis has many benefits for the mind and body. It improves your stability, flexibility, and manual dexterity. Footwork and upper body movements in tennis, like all intense physical activity, help reduce stress while maintaining good health and shape. Tennis tactics require quick thinking and strategy, as well as dilemmas and creative thinking skills.

When moving away from the neutral grip, how to move weight, when going down a transformer or line, or when choosing an arm bar. In addition to these benefits, tennis requires two players to play the game, which improves communication skills and leadership skills when playing the game.

Equipment’s Require

Tennis is generally considered a sport for privileged people, but the truth is very simple. Professional tennis can be expensive, but recreational tennis has few players and requires very little equipment. To play a tennis match, you only need a tennis racket, tennis shoes, a tennis ball, and a tennis court with a standard net. For ease of use, the club head and grip are of a height and shape suitable for your skill level.

The shoes should be strong enough laterally to prevent the ankles from rolling on edge movements (running shoes are not recommended). Some tennis clubs have a special dress code. You can also wear a cloth wristband and cap to keep sweat away from your eyes and overgrip. If you can afford them, these things are nice to have.

Basic Tennis Rules

Even if you’re prepared and rejuvenated, you still need to master the basics of tennis before stepping onto the court. To score at each point, you can use any combination of tennis grips (such as semi-western grips and continental grips) with play such as drop shots, lobs, backhand volleys, and forehand shots. To play the best tennis, you need to learn all the principles of tennis:

Inside The Line

In single tennis, the ball must land on the net and inside the opponent’s service box (boxes on either side of the center mark of the service line, often referred to as a “T”). A “let” occurs when the ball hits the net but still lands on the Perfect Serve Box, and the player must resume from the first serve. Even if the ball officially lands outside the penalty area, the ball remains in play as long as some of it touches the line. During the comeback, the ball must stay within the boundaries of the single court, which is the inner edge. The outer lane is used for double tennis.


Tennis has a unique scoring system, so it’s important to track points to determine who will win. If the score is lower than your opponent’s, the server will always announce the score first. For example, if the server loses 3 points in a row, the score will be love40.

Touch The Net

You have the freedom to charge the grid and perform your favorite lobbying activities. If you or any part of your racket touches the net during the point, you lose immediately. The net is a fair separation of the two aspects, and it is forbidden to change its placement, even if unintentionally.

Win By Two

All games and points in a tennis match must be won by two players. If both players win six games in a set and the score is 66, a deciding set is utilized to break the tie. Players participate in a seven-point dinky in this round. After every service point and at the end of the court, the players switch sides when the total number of points equals six or duplicates.

The first player to score seven points (with a two-point advantage) wins. If there is a tiebreaker in the final set, points will be played up to 10 first, but the winner must win by a margin of two points.

Find a Tennis Court near You

If you have the tennis equipment you need, you should be able to find a nearby tennis court. You may need to attend a country club or gym with tennis courts. You have to pay as needed, but you almost certainly have a tennis league membership (which is pretty cool).

If you want to learn tennis yourself, it’s a good idea to delay joining the club rather than looking for a free public court in your area. There are many in America. There may be a park or high school nearby with free tennis courts.