Best Tennis Shoes For High Arches [Updated 2023]

Running and jumping are intense actions needed for tennis. There are numerous additional influencing criteria, in addition to talent and speed. One of them, in any circumstance, is wearing the best pair of shoes. If you are a tennis player with High Arches and don’t know about the best tennis shoes for high arches, you are at a disadvantage.

More problems than one believe can result from high arches, especially for athletes. Tennis requires quick movements and good footwork. So if you have the right equipment and abilities, you can always outperform your opponent. Your basic actions are affected if you have high arches, which will destroy your game.

Best Tennis Shoes For High Arches in 2023

Players who have high arches may suffer serious injuries. Tennis demands abrasive plays and rigorous motions on abrasive courts. If you’re not wearing the right shoes, high arches might cause your body to lose balance during these rigid movements.

Ankle and knee pain are common among athletes. They frequently lament a sharp pain in their heels. If a player has high arches, you will notice them moaning about pain in their lower limbs. There are numerous methods for treating high arches discomfort.

Best Tennis Shoes For High Arches

To start, wearing shock absorbers and adding cushioning beneath the feet would be helpful. If you wear the best tennis shoes for high arches, you can get everything to ease the pain.

1: Adidas Men’s Solematch Bounce

Adidas Men’s Solematch Bounce

We reviewed the Adidas Solematch Bounce tennis shoe; it serves as a great all-around option. The flexible and supportive midsole is padded. This prevents supination and maintains the arch low in conjunction with the cushioned tongue. Bounce technology from Adidas is used in the midsole.

This material is sensitive and made more flexible and comfortable. It provides excellent stress absorption as well. The toe box on the forefoot is roomy. The shoe feels low to the ground, which enhances stability and allows for quick stops and turns during play.

The outrigger of the Solematch is particularly wide. This is the portion of the forefeet’s outside sole. It cushions a high-arched foot better and lasts longer because it is strengthened. The extra-wide base enhances stability and lessens supination.

Adidas Men’s Solematch Bounce

Rubber from the non-marking ADIWEAR 6 is used for the outsole. This material is extremely durable yet lightweight. On indoor and outdoor courts, it provides great durability and a superb grip. Because the mesh upper is permeable to air, your foot will stay cool.

For comfort, the top is supple and flexible. It has an “Adituff” zone that has been reinforced around the toe and inner forefoot region. This improves toughness and safeguards the foot from harm.


  • Dependable but adaptable
  • Lowers the arch
  • Lowers the supination
  • Provides excellent shock absorption


  • No major drawback

2: New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Lav V1

New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Lav V1

Numerous characteristics are included in the New Balance shoes. When addressing Milos Raonic, his grandfather would use the Serbian word LAV. Therefore, she imagined Milos to have these shoe characteristics. Without any concerns, they make it easier for feet with high arches to move.

With knit bootie construction, these tennis shoes for broad feet and high arches provide a great fit and maximize comfort. You get a glove-like fit from it when it comes to the padding. In this aspect, the Fresh Foam midsole covered you.

The midsole is ideal for maintaining the highest level of stability for the high-arched foot during challenging gameplay circumstances. The external TPU heel counter further enhances stability during quick cuts.

A full-length endurance rubber outsole with organized grooves aids in maintaining a firm grip on hard courts. The non-marking rubber of the best tennis shoes is backed six-month durability warranty from New Balance.

The synthetic and textile fabric of these shoes with arch support has better breathability choices. These shoes also allow plenty of air to pass through to keep your feet as dry as possible.


  • High arches with new foam in the midsole
  • The heel area is cushioned and elevated
  • Beautiful design
  • Rubber outsole for a long lifespan and good traction
  • For use with rubber and concrete courts


  • Wide feet are treated unfairly.
  • Not appropriate for ladies

3: Wilson Rush Pro 2.5

Wilson Rush Pro 2.5

Tennis shoes like the Wilson Rush Pro 2.5 are good as they are strong, comfortable, and light. A Pro Torque Chassis and 3D-FS are elements of the comfortable midsole. Wilson’s rush supports the foot is supported and stabilized. They enhance control as well.

This is crucial for unexpected speed changes or rapid turns during a game. The flexible sole has sections. For greater comfort, it adds additional cushioning to the foot’s lateral (outside) region, arch, and heel. Extra padding is added to the wide outrigger for comfort and stability.

Rubber is more durable because of its thickness while remaining flexible. A firm and sturdy basis provides the outrigger and the shoe’s low-to-the-ground construction. Good weight distribution and enhanced agility are the results of this.

To promote comfort and stability, the interior lining is plush and padded. A Sensifeel layered membrane, which is soft and flexible, covers the shoe’s upper. It supports the foot and ankle and is tough as well.

Wilson Rush Pro 2.5

The permeable membrane keeps feet comfortable. To reduce wear and tear, the rubber compound sole is tough. The herringbone-patterned tire enhances traction while reducing slippage. There are two color options for this supportive, comfy sneaker.


  • Convenient
  • Provides additional padding
  • Offers a balanced distribution of weight
  • Stops slipping


  • No more colors are accessible.

4: Yonex Power Cushion Fusion Rev 4

Yonex Power Cushion Fusion Rev 4

Many people assume that the word Yonex is associated with footwear because this brand has become well-known because of badminton. Fewer people are aware that Yonex is also a global leader in tennis shoe manufacturing.

Additionally, the company has sponsored numerous Tier 1 professional athletes. When it comes to the PC Fusion, Stan Wawrinka competes against players like Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. These shoes are specifically made to support the high arches, therefore the overall style is elegant.

The power cushion+ and midsole are included in the top tennis shoes for arch support. That is renowned for providing the best shock absorption. While the midsole maintains the heel and toe region in a perfect position to offer optimal stability with Graphite Sheet.

Yonex Power Cushion Fusion Rev 4

Tennis sneakers by Yonex for men have a flexion upper for cozy support. Additionally, Double Russel Mesh is 8 times more breathable than regular mesh and is exceptionally lightweight. Overall, it helps to improve air circulation and keep the feet steady.

The ENDURANCE rubber II used in the best tennis shoes for high arches provides a firm hold on the ground. Yonex shoes contain the right kind of grooved pattern, which enables sportsmen to maintain secure traction on the rubber surface.


  • Supportive Power Cushion+ Midsole
  • Long-lasting rubber outsole
  • Mesh upper update for better breathability
  • Incredibly robust
  • For swift movement
  • It allows for quick mobility


  • Medium-width midsole

5: Asics Men’s Court FF2

Asics Men’s Court FF2

The mid-priced, highly supportive Asics Court FF2 tennis shoe is used on every type of court. The shoe has a foam midsole with designed cushioning. This is soft, malleable, and resilient.

The forefoot and heel portions of the midsole contain gel cushions. These provide additional landing cushioning. Using its Trusstic System technology, Asic maintains the foot arch. As a result, the shoe has more stability and support.

Under the midfoot, there are two carbon-reinforced supports. These help to prevent foot rotation during rapid stops and keep the foot firmly planted. This facilitates quick direction changes during a tennis match.

It also aids in injury avoidance. The insole of the shoe is made of a durable, light sponge. Increased shock absorption results in greater comfort and durability. The mesh and polyester upper are ventilated.

The removable sock liner in the shoe helps keep feet cool and fresh. For further support and stability, the cushioned outrigger is thicker than usual. The durable outsole is constructed of a rubber composite with high resistance.

Asics Men’s Court FF2

This is very durable and resistant to deterioration. A modified herringbone tread provides outstanding traction. This shoe features a chic, contemporary style. It is offered in a range of colors with a regular width fitting.


  • Favorable
  • Reliable
  • Provides a strong grip
  • Provides additional comfort when landing


  • Smaller than average around the toe box

6: K-Swiss Men’s Hypercourt Express

K-Swiss Men’s Hypercourt Express

K-Swiss Men’s Hypercourt Express comes in numerous colorways. These high-arch support shoes are designed to provide total stability and support for feet with high arches. Its distinctive and comfy style makes them a good option for anyone who enjoys playing tennis while wearing fashionable shoes.

Depending on the size and color combination you select, these sneakers will run you anywhere. Therefore, those on a tight budget find the price unaffordable. Additionally, textiles are used throughout the entire production of these shoes.

K-Swiss Men’s Hypercourt Express

However, seamless PU has been used to provide support and comfort that is lightweight. Additionally, DuraWrap is used at the toe region to increase durability. Men’s K-Swiss tennis shoes provide ideal support for high-arched feet.

The K-EVA midsole is soft and provides adequate cushioning for the heel and toe areas. Additionally, a raised collar lining is there to provide the best possible protection for feet with high arches. The greatest men’s tennis shoes for high arches are also long-lasting enough to be used frequently.


  • The rubber outsole of the Aosta is quite grippy.
  • Enduring and lightweight construction
  • Suitable for male tennis players
  • High arches benefit from the midsole’s comfort and stability.
  • The collar’s interior is a thicker
  • Artificial mesh upper


  • Not for small feet
  • Size problems are frequent


Can high arches wear Skechers Arch Fits?

This pair of slip-on shoes is our top option for ladies with high arches because of its sturdy outsole, which provides excellent traction. Ample support is the insole, and throughout the day you will feel light on your feet thanks to the thin padding.

What brand of tennis shoes do orthopedic surgeons advise?

Kuru Footwear, Propét, Orthofeet, and Hoka are a few brands to check out. These businesses all provide a selection of orthopedic shoes for both sexes.

What advantages come with a high arch foot?

Experts are becoming more and more aware of how well the lifted midfoot works for quick acceleration and changes in direction. Under these kinds of stresses, the foot can adjust and move more swiftly due to its stronger shape and force distribution.

What issues are raised by high arches?

Your chance of suffering an ankle sprain increases if you have high arch feet. People who have high arches may experience hairline fractures in the foot’s bones due to the constant stress that the condition might create.


According to our analysis, the Adidas Solematch Bounce Sneaker is the ideal tennis shoe overall for high arches. We discovered that this shoe offers a wonderful balance of comfort, support, and durability.

The sensitive and flexible midsole was well-liked by our testing team. It offers excellent shock-absorbing capabilities and comfortable padding. On the court, the cushioned wide outrigger provides more stability during unexpected twists and bursts of speed.

The sturdy outsole gives it durability. All court surfaces benefit from exceptional traction from this. Comfort and support are increased by the airy upper and roomy toe box.